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Best Portable Solar Power Generator [2022]

EcoFlow Delta Pro

Portable solar generators are a great backup option when you need a power source that doesn’t exclusively rely on electricity. 

These portable generators rely on free sunlight as a power source that you can use to power anything from major appliances to your electronic devices while you are away from home on a camping trip.

The key question is making sure you purchase the right portable solar generator for your needs. 

We have highlighted our top options below. 

  • Top Lightweight Option: Delta Mini – 882W capacity
  • Top Medium Capacity: Delta – 1,000W or 1,300W capacity
  • Best Combination of Price & CapacityDelta Max – 1,600W or 2,000W capacity 
  • Best High CapacityDelta Pro – 3,600W capacity

Delta Mini

 EcoFlow Delta Mini

At just 23 pounds, the EcoFlow Delta Mini offers an amazing combination of power and small size. Easily take the Delta Mini with you on a camping trip or just use the Delta Mini to power your electronics while you enjoy the outdoor summer weather.

You can power up to 12 devices at the same time using the full range of wall outlets, USB outlets, and DC outlets included on the sides of the Delta Mini. 

Easily charge the delta mini with your choice of solar charging with a panel, car charging, or use a standard wall outlet to charge.

Delta EcoFlow Delta

The standard EcoFlow Delta offers additional charging capacity while still retaining the easy portability associated with a slim design that weighs just 31 pounds.

The Delta allows you to charge up to 13 devices at the same time. Fully charge the Delta in just over 1 hour when charging up your unit from a standard wall outlet.  Optional solar panels will fully charge your unit within 4 to 8 hours.

Delta Max

Delta Max

If you are looking for a portable solar generator that offers big capacity at a lower price point, the Delta Max is a great option to consider.  The Delta Max is available in two sizes: 1,600W capacity and a 2,000W capacity size.

Fully charge the Delta Max in just 65 minutes from a standard wall charger.  The Delta Max can also be charged in your car and with optional solar panels.

Control and monitor all your EcoFlow portable solar generators with an easy to use app. 

Delta Pro

Delta Pro 

If you are looking for maximum available power capacity, the Delta Pro holds 3,600W of portable power capacity.  You can combine two Delta Pro units to hold combined capacity of 7,200W.

Fully charge the massive Delta Pro using a standard wall outlet in just 1.7 hours. Despite the larger size, the Delta Pro is highly portable. The unit features wheels and an extendable handle that allows you to wheel the unit around just like a suitcase.