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Aquasweep vs Aqua Thruster

Scott Aerator Dock Mount Aquasweep

The Scott Aerator Aquasweep and Aqua Thruster are two lines of high-powered muck blasters designed to keep debris and weeds from accumulating in bodies of water.

After all, there’s nothing that can ruin a fishing trip, dip in the lake, or stroll along the shore like unsightly tangles of trash, floating weeds, or globs of algae.

Aesthetics aside, these systems have a practical impact on the entire ecosystem of a pond or lake. Clearing debris on the surface and below improves the overall water quality, making it healthier for fish and swimmers alike.

Once the muck is cleared away, leeches and other pests that hide within the decomposed plants and weeds will disperse. Agitating the water introduces more oxygen to the water as well.

Types of Muck Blasters

Muck blasters can either float on the surface or be submerged on a pole that connects to a dock or frame. The exact styles vary by manufacturer, but they all have the same core purpose: using propulsion to push away muck and create a clean area to enjoy the water.

Despite being built on the same principles, not all styles are alike, and they don’t all suit the same purposes. 


Scott Aerator Aquasweep coverage by horsepower


The horsepower of each model’s motor will greatly affect how much muck it can handle. In general, muck blaster units will come in ratings of 0.5 hp all the way up through 2 hp.

Muck blasters with higher horsepower are stronger and create a wider area of clear water. The amount of horsepower is one of the most considerations when purchasing a muck blaster.

For example, the Scott Aerator Aquasweep includes the following coverage ranges of surface water flow:

  • 1/2 horsepower unit: 100 foot diameter or up to 50 feet in one direction.
  • 3/4 horsepower unit: 300 foot diameter or up to 150 feet in one direction.
  • 1 horsepower unit: 400 foot diameter or up to 200 feet in one direction.


The Scott Aquasweep muck blaster is available as a 115 volt unit or a 230 volt unit. The most important difference between a 115 volt unit and a 230 volt unit is that a 230 volt motor requires less power which results in lower electricity costs in the long run.

The easiest way to see the difference is by comparing the energy draw on a 1/2 horsepower unit:

  • 115 volt 1/2 horsepower unit requires 10 amps when running.
  • 230 volt 1/2 horsepower unit requires just 5 amps when running.

A 230 volt Aquasweep unit has a slightly higher price point than the 115 volt unit.  However, this price difference rapidly declines over time because the 230 volt units require less energy to operate and become more economical over longer time periods.

The other important consideration is that power cords can be manufactured in longer distances for a 230 volt unit than for a 115 volt unit. 

This becomes an important consideration when you have larger distances between your power source and the area you plan to use the muck blaster most frequently. 

Muck Blaster Accessories

The cost of a muck blaster can range anywhere from $1,200 to $2,700 depending on the horsepower, voltage and accessories.

Scott Aerator Aquasweep is available as a dock mount unit or as a floating unit. 

The dock mount Aquasweep can move surface level debris and can be fully submerged to move muck at the lake bottom.  The floating Aquasweep is only able to address debris at the surface level.

The Scott Aerator dock mount Aquasweep offers the following mounting options:

  • Dock Plate mounted: included as a standard option.
  • Dock Post mounted: available as an accessory that replaces the dock plate for docks with round, metal posts.
  • Truss mounted: optional accessory that replaces the dock plate mount that is designed for use with metal docks.
  • Free standing post: optional accessory used when a dock isn't available.  Also can be used to secure the Aquasweep to move muck in other areas of the pond without a nearby dock.

Oscillator Attachment

The most popular attachment is the Scott Aerator Aquasweep muck blaster with oscillator unit.  The oscillator is popular because of the convenience and time saving benefits it offers when paired with a muck blaster.

The oscillator allows you to program automatic circular rotations of the dock mounted Aquasweep unit.  You have the ability to finely tune the speed as well the rotation.  You can even program the oscillator to rotate your muck blaster in complete circles.

Using an oscillator makes the muck blaster more efficient and it saves you from doing rotations manually.

Scott Aerator AquaSweep vs. Aqua Thruster

The Scott Aerator AquaSweep and the Aqua Thruster have many similarities and overlapping features. 

Both lines offer a choice of horsepower, voltage, various dock mount attachments, and an optional oscillator unit. Both units also receive very positive feedback from customers.

The differences between the two products are relatively small and subtle.  The next section will highlight a few of those differences to help you decide which might be the better option for your pond or lake muck blasting needs. 


Scott Aerator's Aquasweep offers higher voltage options at lower sized units.  In comparison, the Aqua Thruster offers a higher voltage option only with the 1 horsepower and 2 horsepower sized units.

Smaller Sized Muck Blasters

  • Aquasweep is available in 115 volts or 230 volts at all unit sizes.
  • Aqua Thruster is only available in 120 volts for 1/2 horsepower and 3/4 horsepower sized units.

This difference is most important to people that have a smaller sized lake or pond and might only need a lower horsepower sized unit.  The 230 volt Aquasweep uses less power and has lower electricity costs than the 115 volt unit.

The Aqua Thruster offers a 240 volt option, but this option is only available with the 1 horsepower or 2 horsepower sized units.

Keep in mind, the 2 horsepower unit is designed for commercial use, whereas the smaller sized units are more appropriate for residential use.

Larger Sized Muck Blasters

People with a larger sized pond or lake will appreciate the option to purchase a muck blaster with up to 2 horsepower. 

  • The Aqua Thruster is available in sizes up to 2 horsepower.
  • The Aquasweep is available in sizes up to 1 horsepower. 

Scott Aerator AquaSweep 

Scott Aerator Aquasweep before and after picture


The Scott Aquasweep was originally launched in 1994 and remains a popular choice based on its reputation for quality, consistency, and energy efficient voltage options.

Among the most popular features of the Aquasweep include its ability to run continuously thanks to a debris shield that prevents weed, algae and other debris from clogging the motor.

The AquaSweep also has some thoughtful additions that make it more versatile. The Aquasweep includes a stainless steel yoke that allows the Aquasweep to reach a water depth of up to 7 feet.

The Aqua Thruster includes a similar mounted design, but the Aqua Thruster can only reach water depths of up to 5 feet.

Scott Aerator offers a full 5 year product warranty compared to a 2 year product warranty for the Aqua Thruster. 

Customers also note that the AquaSweep is extremely quiet and can be used for other applications like clearing silt that accumulates from boat traffic.

The primary concern customers noticed with the Aquasweep related to the fixed nature of the unit which required manual rotation.  The best way to address this concern is with the oscillator attachment which alleviates the manual rotation requirements.

Aqua Thruster

The Aqua Thruster is available in multiple sizes and features a choice of optional mounting features and a similarly popular oscillator unit attachment.

Both the Aquasweep and Aqua Thruster offer equivalent distance coverage which varies depending on the horsepower chosen.

The big difference is the Aqua Thruster offers a higher horsepower sized unit which is more likely to appeal to customers with larger sized ponds or commercial users.

Another notable benefit of the Aqua Thruster is the ability to use a portable post mount. The portable post mount allows you to use the oscillator with the Aqua Thruster without the need for a dock mount.

This means the Aqua Thruster oscillator provides some additional flexibility when muck blasting in areas without a nearby dock.

The Aquasweep oscillator can not be used unless the Aquasweep is mounted to your dock.  An alternative option would be to use a floating Aquasweep for areas beyond your dock.


In reviews, customers are very happy with the Aqua Thruster performance and its ability to effectively move muck and other pond debris. 

But despite being satisfied with the Aqua Thruster overall, there were some areas for improvement. Reviewers noted that mounting screws aren’t included, and the the unit can be difficult to separate from the dock mounts. One customer also had to add weights to the underwater frame to keep it from floating. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an effective muck blasting solution for your lake or pond, the Aquasweep and the Aqua Thruster are excellent solutions.  Both provides receive very positive reviews and customers really appreciate the ease and efficiency of each product.

The choice between the two options really comes down to your preference for a few minor differences between the products.  People looking for a more energy efficient option will prefer the higher voltage option available with the lower horsepower sized units with the Aquasweep. 

The Aquasweep also offers some additional flexibility which can reach a pond depth of up to 7 feet compared to a depth of 5 feet with the Aqua Thruster.  The Aquasweep also includes a 5 year product warranty compared with a 2 year warranty for the Aqua Thruster.

We offer the Aquasweep for sale along with all the available attachments and the optional oscillator unit.