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Best Greenhouse Kits for Texas

Mont Growers Greenhouse

Purchasing a greenhouse kit is a major decision in any location, but it’s especially challenging in areas like Texas that have notoriously harsh climates. Scorching temperatures and relentless sun exposure demand a versatile, durable greenhouse that can withstand the trials of the outdoors.

The average temperatures for each season can vary significantly within the state due to changes in topography and region.

In Dallas, for example, temperatures rarely exceed 70°F in April or 90°F in August. Temperatures in the desert of Terlingua, on the other hand, easily clear 100°F in June and plummet to nearly freezing by January.

The amount of rainfall can be unpredictable, and droughts are common in West Texas and the Panhandle. Periodic storms can bring torrential rain, flash flooding, and strong winds with little warning.

All of these natural events should register as important considerations for the informed Texas consumer.

Design Features

There are certain design features that make greenhouses able to cope with both extremes of a wide temperature band. Even though many people think of greenhouses as a way to grow flowers, vegetables, or other plants during the winter, they’re also essential in climates where the summers are too severe for crops to be in an uncontrolled environment.

Adjustable climate controls such as vents, exhaust fans, and shades can provide additional control over the indoor atmosphere. Investing in a properly designed greenhouse kit reduces maintenance time by ensuring that your greenhouse already has the tools to adapt to changing seasonal requirements.

Greenhouse Kit Considerations

Some key attributes of the ideal Texas greenhouse kit include the following:

  • UV-resistant polycarbonate or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panels
  • Light-diffusing panels
  • Automated irrigation options
  • Light weight framing
  • Durability and ability to handle tough weather conditions
  • Climate controls

Riverstone Greenhouses

Riverstone Mont greenhouses are designed with 8mm twin wall polycarbonate panels.  This design acts like a double paned window which retains cooler air during the warm months and heat during the winter.

The mont greenhouses are available in multiple sizes that start at 8 feet by 8 feet and extend all the way to 8 feet by 24 feet.

Another important feature of Riverstone Greenhouses is their durability against strong wind and heavy snow.  All Mont Greenhouses include the following snow and wind capacities:

  • Snow Load Capacity of 24 pounds per square foot.
  • Wind Load Capacity of 65 miles per hour.

Riverstone Mont Mojave

Riverstone Mont Greenhouse

The Riverstone Mont Mojave Greenhouse is streamlined for use in hot climates with strong sun exposure. The solar-powered commercial ventilation system harnesses the power of the sun to deliver an off-grid solution for environmentally conscious growers.

The tinted roof allows for light to reach the solar panels while maintaining a stable temperature inside.

This model also includes a commercial-grade automated irrigation system that can be programmed to different watering cycles based on the season and weather patterns. Each sprinkler sprays in a 4-foot diameter to support proper coverage.

If your greenhouse will be located in the areas of Texas subject to very low temperatures during winter, the Mojave package also includes an optional propane heater to help regulate temperatures during winter months.


Riverstone Mont Growers

Riverstone Mont Growers Greenhouse

The Riverstone Mont Growers Greenhouse features light-diffusing panels and roofing to prevent the intense Texas sun from concentrating in one area. Not only does this prevent crop damage, but it also ensures that heat is more evenly dispersed to avoid pockets of elevated temperatures.

Light-diffusing technology is perfect for plants that need consistent light exposure for a prolonged period.

The programmable watering system further protects plant health by delivering water straight to the roots via a network of up to 48 dripper heads. This style of irrigation also conserves water, which can be critical in rural areas of Texas that pay for water delivery or utilize rainwater catchment tanks.


Riverstone Mont Premium Package

Riverstone Mont Greenhouse Premium Package

The Riverstone Mont Greenhouse is an affordable, budget-friendly option that includes a premium package for high-temperature climates. The internal shade system is easy to customize to your exact needs based on the season and angle of the sun.  

The standard programmable irrigation system eliminates the need to watch the clock and remember when crops need to be watered again. This peace of mind is priceless in hotter climates with low humidity where even short periods without sufficient water can cause significant dryness and damage.

Solexx™ Harvester

Solexx Harvester

The Solexx™ Harvester has multiple potential configurations. It can be used as a traditional freestanding greenhouse or built against the side of an existing house, shed, or fence as a lean-to. The Harvester is fully enclosed and available in a range of dimensions.

The Harvester is a great option for a home greenhouse because the lean to design allows for easy setup next to the back or side of house.  This also has the benefit of shielding your greenhouse from some of the extreme cold or hot weather in Texas.

The other benefit of the lean to greenhouse is you have the ability to easily connect the greenhouse to a hose from your property for easy watering access for your plants.

We recommend the Deluxe version of the Harvester for greenhouses based in Texas.  The Deluxe package includes a tie down kit to further secure the greenhouse from high winds along with wire bench shelves, a solar louver opener, and base vents.

Additionally we recommend the 5mm HDPE panels which offer heavier insulation against very cold weather and snow. 

Solexx Conservatory

Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse

This is a great option for people looking for a larger sized greenhouse.  This model is also popular with schools and nurseries. 

The Conservatory greenhouses offer extra width with dimensions that start at:

  • 8 feet long x 16 feet wide x 9.6 feet tall

The largest Conservatory greenhouse model extends to:

  • 20 feet long x 16 feet wide x 9.6 feet tall

We recommend the Deluxe option and the 5mm greenhouse panels with the Conservatory greenhouse model as well.  If you happen to be in the rural areas of Texas with very cold winters, the 5mm panels offer higher insulation levels in the winter.

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