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Best Hot Tub Enclosure and Retractable Privacy Screen

Orlando Hot Tub Enclosure with Retractable Privacy Screen

Hot tub enclosures are more than just simple covers or a roof over your head. They increase the functionality of your hot tub by making it comfortable in all weather conditions and cheaper to heat.

Families with young children or pets can benefit from locking handles and designated dog doors that allow for free access to outdoor areas without worrying about safety.

The enclosure itself requires minimal attention or cleaning after the quick installation process.

With high resistance to weather and an impact rating that’s 200 times stronger than regular glass, there’s no need to fuss before leaving for an extended vacation or moving back to a second home when the seasons change.

This article will highlight the reasons we believe this is the best retractable privacy screen and enclosure for your hot tub. 

Privacy Panels vs Screens

Privacy panels are far more versatile than alternatives such as screens or fencing. They don’t obstruct your natural view or prevent you from experiencing the nearby scenery.

If your preferences tend to change from day to day, enclosures with sliding and adjustable panels allow you to make easy adjustments. 

  • Open the retractable enclosure panels when the weather is nice and you'd like to let in a nice breeze.
  • During rain storms, just close the retractable panels and convert your enclosure into a hot tub rain shelter

The hot tub enclosure panels are attached to a durable aluminum frame secured to the ground, so there’s no risk of a panel blowing over in the wind.

The same can’t be said of temporary screens, especially those that rely on weighted bases or wheel locks for stability.

If you don’t trust the integrity of the privacy measures you’ve put in place, you won’t be able to fully relax and enjoy your hot tub without dwelling on whether there are prying eyes nearby.

Appearance and Quality

A physical enclosure also offers a certain level of refinement that can’t be matched by unsightly pool netting or cheap privacy fencing.

These modern, sleek additions to your hot tub area won’t be a source of embarrassment during outdoor parties or while entertaining company.

If you have a hot tub enclosure near another gathering place or a property line, the panels will dampen sound by up to 25 decibels to ensure you won’t disturb others. 

Installing an enclosure is also a smart option if you think you may want to sell your home in the future. Not all prospective homeowners will be familiar with hot tubs and their general maintenance requirements.

An enclosure simplifies the process of caring for a hot tub and ensures that the space is fully functional even during cold weather.

Design Options

Hot tub enclosures are available with a range of different privacy panels that can adapt to various environments and needs.

For example, someone who lives on a secluded plot of land is less likely to need the same level of privacy as a homeowner in a densely populated suburb.

Our hot tub enclosure panels are available in three different color options designed to accomodate your desired privacy preferences.

Translucent Panels

Translucent panels maximize privacy, so they’re perfect for users who prioritize being insulated from the outside world while using their hot tub.

Translucent panels with inside lighting at night

Translucent panels are particularly useful for people who prefer to soak at night when using interior lights can normally illuminate the enclosure and increase visibility from the outside.

Smoke Panels

Smoke panels present a happy medium with partial privacy and just enough transparency to see some of the outdoors.

This is a great option if you don’t want to feel exposed but don’t need the full coverage of translucent paneling.

Oasis smoke colored panels

Smoke also provides protection from sunlight while maintaining a more open appearance than fully translucent panels.

Transparent Panels 

Although transparent panels afford the least amount of privacy, they offer all the benefits of being separated by a physical enclosure barrier without feeling closed off.

Transparent hot tub enclosure panels

With clear panels, there’s no need to open a window and risk bugs entering the enclosure just to experience your surroundings.

If privacy becomes a concern after installing transparent panels, then users can consider using internal curtains or hangings for additional flexibility in the space.

Hot Tub Enclosures Options

Spa Dome Orlando

Spa Dome Orlando 5000

The Spa Dome Orlando™ 5000 is easy to install on any level surface, including wooden decking.

At 8 feet, 10 inches in height and a 16.5 foot diameter, this enclosure has generous dimensions with sliding rails that allow you to adjust your level of exposure to the outdoors.

Oasis Large Enclosure

Oasis large hot tub enclosure connected to your property

The larger sized version of the Oasis enclosure removes one of the biggest hurdles to using your hot tub in the winter or during inclement weather: going outside.  

Since the Oasis is designed to connect directly to an existing home, residents can treat the enclosure the same as an attached garage.

With an 18’1” length, 16’5” width, and 8’10” height, the footprint can be substantial, making this a prime option for customers with spacious yards.

Spa Sunhouse

 Spa Sunhouse Hot Tub Enclosure with Privacy Panels

For an even larger enclosure, there’s none better than the Spa Sunhouse, which has a 20’2” length, 13’6” width, and 7’6” height.

The oval shape leaves plenty of room to divide the enclosure into two distinct areas such as a sitting area and the hot tub itself.

This model includes a sliding roof and two doors to customize the amount of ventilation.

Features and Materials

 Polycarbonate Panel Colors

All three enclosures are available with aluminum frames in silver, white, anthracite, bronze, or wood imitation to match any decorating style.

Homeowners also have a choice of translucent, smoke, or transparent colored panels to complement the frame and silver sliding rails.

The polycarbonate panels provide excellent durability, light transmission, and insulation for any climate.

Thanks to its inherent flexibility, the polycarbonate is highly resistant to weather and impact.  

Hot tub enclosures with retractable privacy panels offer tremendous value for your home hut tub experience. 

To learn more about options that might work for you, click here to see our full lineup of outdoor hot tub enclosures.

You can also give our store a call and we can walk you through all of the options available and answer any questions you might have.