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Best Hot Tub Insulated Enclosures for Winter

 Outdoor Hot Tub Enclosure

After a long day at work or a tough session at the gym, there’s nothing better than a luxurious soak in a hot tub.

However, getting time in the tub isn’t always a simple endeavor, and there’s nothing worse than running into traffic on the way to the gym sauna or realizing that your favorite local spa is closed for the evening. That’s why many people opt to install hot tubs at home.

That isn’t to say that home hot tubs don’t come with their own set of challenges. Hot tubs require ongoing maintenance such as replacing the filter, adding bromine, and ensuring the jets remain free of debris.

One of the most time-consuming responsibilities is opening and closing the hot tub as the seasons change. But what if you didn’t need to close your hot tub at all?

Benefits of an Outdoor Hot Tub Enclosure

By using a hot tub enclosure with a retractable roof, you can protect your hot tub while maintaining access even during colder times of year. An enclosure traps the warmth of the water to save you money on heating costs and maintain the surrounding environment at a comfortable temperature.

Plus, having insulated enclosure walls around you keeps out insects and minimizes the number of leaves or sticks that can fall into the tub.

This collectively cuts down on your maintenance and cleaning time, leaving more hours for you to enjoy your hot tub without worrying about which chore to do next.

Installation and Design

Despite their impressive appearance, hot tub enclosures are actually quite simple to install. Since they’re made of lightweight materials like aluminum and polycarbonate paneling, any level surface can serve as the foundation for an enclosure.

If concrete doesn’t match your décor, then you can also opt for concrete-reinforced pavers, wooden planks, or composite decking.

Hot tub enclosures can be installed in approximately 2–4 hours with a team of two people working in tandem. The track rails must be anchored to the foundation before adding the panels and doors.

Once the enclosure is assembled, the panels can be moved along the track for easy access. 


Maintenance is a breeze thanks to the durable polycarbonate panels. You can wash the enclosure with warm water, gentle dish detergent, and a soft cloth.

Avoid abrasive brushes and harsh cleaning products since they can damage the panels or result in unsightly scratches.

Lastly, hot tub enclosures are designed with safety in mind. The panels provide an added layer of protection against harmful UV rays that can cause aging, increase your risk of skin cancer, or leave you with a painful burn.

The doors are also designed with robust locking pins to ensure that uninvited guests, nosy neighbors, or curious children won’t be able to get inside without your knowledge.

A high quality year round hot tub enclosure is a great way to enjoy your hot tub all winter long.

Best Outdoor Hot Tub Enclosures for Winter

Orlando 4000 Hot Tub Enclosure

 Orlando Hot Tub Enclosure

When it comes to circular dome enclosures, the Spa Dome Orlando™ 4000 is an unbeatable option that’s available with transparent, smoked brown, or translucent paneling.

The aluminum frame can be created in custom colors, or you can choose from the standard silver, white, anthracite, bronze, and wood imitation finishes.

With a height of 7.5 feet and a 13.5-foot diameter, this model includes a range of door options and ample space to fit a hot tub, outdoor spa, or exercise area.


Oasis Hot Tub Enclosure 

Oasis Hot Tub Enclosure

If the thought of leaving your warm hot tub enclosure to dash back to the house on a cold winter evening doesn’t sound enticing, consider an attached model like the Oasis.

This model connects directly to your house to create an all-in-one layout with a smooth transition from indoors to your enclosure.

It’s available in silver, white, anthracite, bronze, and wood imitation aluminum framing with polycarbonate panels in transparent, translucent, or smoke.

The Oasis small sized version is 13’2” long, 7’6” wide, and 13’6” high. It features two doors and a sliding roof to help you adjust airflow and change the space based on outdoor conditions.  A larger sized version of the Oasis is also available.


Spa Sunhouse Hot Tub Enclosure

Sunhouse Hot Tub Enclosure

If your hot tub area is better suited to an oval-shaped enclosure, the Spa Sunhouse is the oval version of the Spa Dome Orlando™ with the same choice of colors.

This design comes with two side doors and a sliding roof that can adapt to provide the best ventilation while you’re soaking in your hot tub. 

The Spa Sunhouse has plenty of room to accommodate a variety of needs thanks to a longer 20’2” length. The 13’6” width and 7’6” height allow for a spacious feel while fitting into even modest outdoor spaces at the average home.

Grand Sunhouse Hot Tub Enclosure 

Grand Sunhouse Hot Tub Enclosure 

For an even larger hot tub enclosure, the Grand Sunhouse has expanded dimensions of 26’3” long, 16’5” wide, and 8’10” high.

This model is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of an enclosure with enough free space for entertaining guests or enjoying covered outdoor dining.