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What are the Best Luxury Modern Steam Showers for Home?

Valencia Steam Shower

When it’s time to renovate or design a new bathroom, many homeowners make the mistake of overlooking their showers. It’s assumed that a shower will mostly be a plain, waterproof area for bathing. It doesn’t need to be.

Steam showers provide an indulgent alternative to the traditional shower by serving as a convenient at-home spa. This means that you can access the relaxing effects of a sauna or massage by simply stepping into your bathroom. 

However, with so many steam shower brands and combinations of features, it can be challenging to choose the right model for you. Thankfully, there is a diverse selection of designs that can accommodate a wide variety of budgets and personal preferences. 

Steam Shower Designs

Steam showers feature a host of deluxe enhancements to add value to your showering experience. Far from superficial gimmicks, details like the no-hassle pedal drain and automatic hand grips are designed to increase the practical functionality of the shower.

Steam showers can integrate perfectly into a range of lifestyles. After all, most people modify their bathing habits based on their activities or how much time they have. From a quick scrub to a long soak, these multipurpose units can adapt to fit the need of the day.

Many models also include two shower heads for couples. Some even have separate towel racks and generous storage areas to ensure that each individual has ample space. With these layouts, there’s no reason to pay extra for a couple’s spa session.

Maya Bath Steam Showers are a great place to start when comparing steam showers.  Many of these steam showers include the latest technology and a design that mimics a steam shower jacuzzi whirlpool tub combo.

Users who want tranquility and relaxation can run a hot bath, turn on the massage jets, and enjoy their favorite aromatherapy scents. More active users can watch television or listen to a podcast.

The choice used to be between taking a bath or shower, but with a modern steam shower, the possibilities are up to your imagination. 

Benefits of Steam Showers

The benefits of steam showers aren’t limited to freshening up. The steam helps to improve health by increasing circulation and soothing muscle tension. This can result in lower stress, better sleep, and a higher level of athletic performance. 

Steam is also an effective way to clear your skin and remove toxins from the body. The heat can draw out substances such as traces of heavy metals without the physical exertion that’s usually required to remove toxins through sweat. 

If you’re feeling under the weather, steam showers can stimulate your respiratory system and alleviate the heavy-headed sensation of a bad cold. This benefit is also useful during allergy season or the winter when your nasal passages may be extra dry.

Another popular benefit of steam showers is their ability to promote weight loss. The heat increases how much work it takes for the body to cool itself.

As a result, users will experience a higher heart rate and metabolic rate, both of which contribute to burning more calories over time.

Lastly, steam showers only use a fraction of the water that a traditional shower consumes, so there’s no need to feel guilty over an extended session.

In fact, a steam shower will only consume 4 gallons of water per hour compared to roughly 120 gallons for a regular shower that relies on hot water alone.

Maya Bath Platinum Superior Steam Shower

Maya Bath Platinum Superior Steam Shower


The Maya Superior Platinum model is perfect for anyone who wants maximum versatility in a single unit. This top-of-the-line steam shower features a whirlpool tub, 5kW sauna, and dozens of massage jets.

While standing or lounging inside the enclosure, the transparent front window gives this unit an open, spacious feel. Plus, the underwater lighting and fluorescent mood lights can easily be adjusted to create the desired ambiance.

Mayabath Valencia

Maya Bath Valencia Steam Shower

The Maya Valencia Steam Shower includes a whirlpool tub, acupressure massage jets, and a built-in heater pump.

Although its 8.4” television is slightly smaller than other models, this more compact model fits easily into a corner while still leaving enough space for two people.

The Maya Valencia is made of tempered glass, acrylic panels, and solid stainless framing. These reliable materials ensure that your steam shower will have all the durability you need for a large family or a high-use part of the home. 

Maya Platinum Anzio Steam Shower

Maya Bath Anzio Steam Shower

The Maya Platinum Anzio model has a minimalist style and comes in either black or white. The clear glass adds a streamlined look that draws the eye.

The acrylic stool is unobtrusive while providing a comfortable place to rest while enjoying the Wi-Fi–enabled television or listening to music on the surround sound.

In addition to these sleek design features, this unit includes a rainfall showerhead, recessed body jets, and thermostatic water control.

Its compact footprint and affordable cost make it an excellent option for any home-improvement project.

Maya Platinum Arezzo Steam Shower

Maya Bath Platinum Arezzo Steam Shower

At only 37 inches by 37 inches, the Maya Platinum Arezzo Steam Shower can fit into a majority of bathrooms without sacrificing the luxury amenities of its larger counterparts.

The modern exterior combines fashionable styling with function, including tempered safety glass and a ventilation fan to control air density.

This model includes a water-resistant remote and LCD control panel to adjust lighting, music, and the fan.

A removable acrylic bench provides seating options to watch the integrated 12-inch television or enjoy an acupressure massage.

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