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What is the Best Walk-in Bathtub for Small Bathroom Spaces?

Walk-in Bathtub

Are you hoping to renovate your small bathroom with a tub and wondering what options you have? A walk-in bathtub might be the perfect answer.

There are a wide variety of reasons for going this route. Adding a tub to your bathroom is a smart option if you have younger children or an aging parent living with you.

Maybe you simply prefer a smaller tub, or you like the idea of a walk-in tub compared to your current shower.  This article will explore some of the benefits of a walk-in bathtub and highlight some of the best options for small bathrooms.

Benefits of a Walk-in Tub

Whatever your reason, you might be surprised to hear the many benefits of walk-in tubs. The most obvious of these is that as we age, our mobility declines.

A walk-in bathtub provides us with continued independence despite this change while also offering peace of mind there will be fewer falls while bathing.

Heating & Relaxing

Walk-in tubs immerse you more fully in water since they are taller. This is perfect for people who like to soak in a hot tub after a long day.

And speaking of relaxing, some walk-in tubs offer an option of a seated heat and/or back. This provides increased relaxation and comfort.

A Relaxing Soak

Soaking in a hot tub can alleviate many aches and pains associated with a variety of health issues, including painful muscles and joints, diabetes, muscle fatigue, and more.

Choosing a bathtub with jets intensifies your experience and helps you get a better night’s sleep or prepare for the day, depending on when you take your bath.

Optional Add-ons

For additional relaxation, add air jets, water jets, or a dual jet upgrade to your walk-in bathtub.

Air Jets Option

The air jets upgrade adds 18 individual air jets placed around your bathtub.  There is a variable speed control that adjusts the amount of bubbles so you can customize them to your preferences.

Water Jets Option

Water jets add a hydro massaging element to your bathtub.  Imagine the same calming and relaxing benefit of a whirlpool tub.  The water jets are controllable so you can customize the speed and pressure to your preferences.

Dual Jets

The dual jets option adds both the air jets and water jets to your walk-in bathtub.  This option also includes an in-line heater so you can maintain the same warm temperature of the water inside your tub.

Best Walk-in Tubs for Small bathrooms

Now that you’re convinced a walk-in tub is for you, you might wonder about the next steps. Working with a company that understands your needs and, even more importantly, the space you have to devote to your new tub is important. The last thing you want is to purchase a tub that will not fit into your space.

Listed below are several Mobility Bathworks Walk-in Bathtubs. Mobility Bathworks is a veteran-owned company with multiple walk-in bathtub models to fit varying needs and budgets.  

Extension Box

Keep in mind that all walk-in tubs listed below include an extension box. This means that your walk-in bathtub is designed to fit in your existing bathroom space. 

If you have a small gap space after installing your walk-in tub, the extension box will extend up to 60 inches in length to fill in the gap and create a tight seal with your walls.

Available Colors

Each walk-in bathtub below is available in a color choice of white or biscuit.  Biscuit is a tan color.  Some tubs below are pictured in biscuit while others are pictured in white.  

  • Click on the link for more information on each of the walk-in bathtub options highlighted below:

Elite 2640 Soaker

Mobility Bathworks Elite 2640 Walk-in Bathtub

This tub offers an outward swinging door and locking mechanism. It has a 16 inch seat width with optional jets. It comes standard with a headrest and is recommended for smaller spaces.

The dimensions for this tub are 26 inches wide x 40 inches long x 40 inches tall.

Besides the headrest, this tub has an anti-slip floor and a built-in grab bar. With a width of just 26 inches, this bathtub is a an ideal option for people with limited bathroom space.


Elite 2645 Soaker

 Mobility Bathworks Elite 2645

This is a narrow tub that fits well in tight spaces. It also includes an anti-slip floor. Unlike the 2640 model, the door on the 2635 swings inward.

Elite 2645 inside tub view

This is significant if you do not have much room between the tub and your cabinets.

The dimensions of this tub are 26 inches wide x 45 inches long x 40 inches high.

This tub comes with a built-in seat but does not offer a headrest. There is a built-in grab bar and the same optional upgrades are available as with the Elite 2640 model.

Elite 2653 Low Threshold

Elite 2653 Walk-in Tub Low Threshold

The Elite 2653 bathtub is designed with a door that swings inward with a built-in seat for comfort while bathing.

Elite 2653 inside view of bathtub

The 2653 dimensions are 26 inches wide x 53 inches long x 36 inches high.

Despite its ability to fit in tight spaces, it affords comfortable leg room, which is good when you need to stretch. The same built-in grab bar is standard in this unit, with a 19.5” seat width.

Elite 2653 low threshold close-up

A key aspect of the Elite 2653 walk-in bathtub is the low threshold design.  As show in the above picture, the threshold is only 3.5 inches off the ground which makes this walk-in tub especially good for those people with limited mobility.

The low threshold design is intended to make it even easier and safer to enter and exit your walk-in bathtub. 

Elite 3338 Walk-In Tub

Elite 3833 Walk-in Bathtub

This is a front-load tub with an outward swinging door. The option of front-load makes this a good option when there is a need to use a transfer bench or wheelchair.

Elite 3338 Walk-in tub overhead view

The dimensions of this walk-in tub are 33 inches wide x 38 inches long x 40 inches high.

This tub has a 21” seat width with an anti-slip floor. It is narrow enough to fit in small spaces while offering the comfort of a regular bathtub.


Elite 3052 Walk-In Tub Low Threshold

Elite 3052

The low threshold model offers a very low 3.5 inch threshold entry for easy entry and exit.

The dimensions of the Elite 3052 Low Threshold are:

  • 30 inches wide x 52 inches long x 37 inches high

The Elite 3052 walk-in bathtub is available with three options:

  • Elite 3052 Walk-in with low threshold (pictured above)
  • Elite 3052 Walk-in wheelchair transfer model (pictured below)
  • Elite 3052 Walk-in Acrylic model (pictured below)


Elite 3052 Wheelchair Transfer

Elite 3052 wheelchair transfer

The wheelchair transfer walk-in tub has an outward swinging door and is considered an excellent choice for a transfer tub with its extra-wide opening at the door and low threshold.

The dimensions of the 3052 Wheelchair Transfer are:

  • 30 inches wide x 52 inches long x 37.5 inches high.

As with the other tubs, it boasts an anti-slip floor and built-in grab bar.

Elite 3052 Acrylic

Elite 3052 Acrylic

The Elite 3052 Walk-in Tub Acrylic model adds additional design features to stand out in your bathroom. 

The Acrylic design includes a high gloss finish and see through glass door so you can view the water level of your tub from the outside. There is an included drink holder stand on the edge of the tub so you can enjoy a glass of wine while you relax inside your tub.

The dimensions for the Elite 3052 Acrylic are:

  • 30 inches wide x 52 inches long x 40 inches tall