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Best Walk-in Bathtubs for an Overweight or Obese Person

Mobility Bathworks Walk-in Bathtub with entry door open

Everyone deserves to have a comfortable and safe bathing option.  Walk-in bathtubs offer an amazing combination of comfort and safety.  The key is finding the right size tub option that best addresses your needs. 

For people that are overweight and obese this is even more important because of the challenges of finding the right size walk-in tub that is both comfortable and accessible.

This article will highlight the main considerations when choosing a walk-in tub for a bariatric or obese person so they can enjoy a safe bathing option.

Understanding Tub Sizes

The most important issue to address first is the available space in your bathroom.  The last thing you want to do is consider making a walk-in tub purchase only to find out that it is unable to fit in your bathroom space.

Bathroom measurements

Start by measuring your existing bathtub.  The most important measurement is the width in inches.  The width directly effects how much walking space you will have inside your bathroom so it is very important to know how much available space you have.

The second most important measurement is length in inches.  This measure will typically give you a sense of how much space you have between your bathroom walls.  The most important thing you need to be aware of is not purchasing a walk-in tub that exceeds the length of your existing bathroom walls. 

Extension Box

Typically it is perfectly fine to purchase a walk-in bathtub with a length that is less than the length of the existing wall space in your bathroom. 

This is because many walk-in bathtubs come with an extension box.  This means that your walk-in bathtub will have a built-in extension system that extends the tub so that it is flush against your bathroom walls. 

General Size Ranges

The typical dimensions for a rectangular bathtub in a new build house are 30 inches wide by 60 inches long.

  • Narrow bathtubs will have a width in inches of less than 30 inches.
  • Extra wide bathtubs will have a width in inches of greater than 30 inches.

People that are overweight typically need to consider a walk-in bathtub with a width that is 30 inches or greater.

Before making a purchase decision, it is very critical for you to make sure a walk-in bathtub with a width of greater than 30 inches can fit inside your existing bathroom. 

It may still be possible to purchase an extra wide walk-in tub with a width that exceeds your existing bathtub width. 

The key is to measure that extra width space in inches and decide whether you can still walk through your bathroom with a walk-tub that occupies a few extra inches of space.

How to Evaluate Dimensions of a Walk-in Bathtub for an Overweight Person

Walk-in bathtub dimensions are typically measured in inches.  The dimensions are listed as width by length by height all measured in inches.

Important Interior Measurements

For an extra-large or obese person, it is extra important to evaluate the available space inside the walk-in bathtub. This means you should also know the following measurements:

  • Walk-in bathtub seat width
  • Walk-in bathtub seat length
  • Walk-in bathtub floor width

When evaluating the fit of a walk-in bathtub, it is very important to make sure the seat width and length offer adequate space for a heavier person. 

The best way to measure this is by finding a comfortable chair used by the person who will be using the walk-in bathtub.  

  • Measure the width of this comfortable chair in inches.
  • This will give you a very good estimate for the minimum available seat width that will be necessary to insure a good fit with the walk-in tub. 

Interior Floor Dimensions

The next step is to consider the width of the walk-in bathtub floor.  Ideally you would like to see extra wide space on the floor of the walk-in tub, so that the person sitting down has plenty of room for their legs to spread out.

Entry Door Dimensions

A final consideration is evaluating the space around the walk-in tub entry door.  The door itself will either be an internal open door or an external outward swinging entry door. 

Typically, the outward swinging doors will offer more space for a larger person to enter. 

However, there are some models of walk-in bathtubs with internal swinging entry doors that offer ample space for a larger person to comfortably walk in to the tub.

Best Walk-in Bathtubs for on Overweight Person

We have selected the best walk in tub options with dimensions that will offer extra comfort and space for a heavier person.  

Keep in mind that all walk-in tubs listed have optional upgrade packages that include air jets and a heater.  The base models are considered soaker models which don’t include any additional features.  Optional upgrades include air jets, water jets, or dual jets and an in-line heater. 

Elite 3555

 Mobility Bathworks Elite 3555 Walk-in Bathtub with 30 inch seat width

The Mobility Bathworks Elite 3555 Walk-in Bathtub is 50% larger than a standard sized walk-in bathtub.  With a full 35 inches of exterior width, this tub offers the largest available space for a heavier person. 

The important aspect is to make sure your bathroom has adequate space to handle the extra 5 inches of width.  The typical rectangular bathtub only extends to 30 inches. So you need to have adequate space since you will lose 5 inches of bathroom space with the Elite 3555.

Keep in mind that there is a built-in extension box that will extend the length of this tub up to 60 inches.  So if you have bathroom walls that are 60 inches or less, you will be able to extend the length flush with your bathroom wall. 

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Tub Width: 35 inches
  • Tub Length: 55 inches
  • Tub Height: 41 inches 

Entry Door Dimensions:

  • Top Door Width: 23.5 inches
  • Bottom Door Width: 15 inches

Interior Dimensions:

  • Seat Width: 30.5 inches
  • Seat Length: 15.5 inches
  • Floor Width: 29 inches
  • Floor Length: 27 inches


Elite 3355

 Elite 3355 Walk-in Bathtub extra seat width

The Elite 3355 is a good balanced option that offers extra width without taking up as much bathroom space as the Elite 3555.  The Elite 3355 offers about 30% extra space compared with standard sized walk-in bathtubs. 

The extra large person will have plenty of extra space with a 25.5 inch sized seat and 26.5 inches of floor length.  The full dimensions include: 

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Tub Width: 33 inches
  • Tub Length: 54.25 inches
  • Tub Height: 40 inches

Entry Door Dimensions:

  • Top Door Width: 23.5 inches
  • Bottom Door Width: 14.5 inches

Interior Dimensions:

  • Seat Width: 25.5 inches
  • Seat Length: 15.25 inches
  • Floor Width: 25.5 inches
  • Floor Length: 26.5 inches


Elite 3338 Wheelchair Transfer 

Elite 3338 Wheelchair Transfer Walk-in Bathtub with open entry door 

The big benefit of the wheelchair transfer models is the outward swinging door which makes transferring from a wheelchair into the bathtub much easier.  An extra wide front entry door also makes it very easy for a heavier person to enter and exit the tub.

The Elite 3338 is also a great option for a heavier person because the tub is designed with 33 inches of width and an interior seat width of 21.5 inches. 

The full dimensions include:

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Tub Width: 33 inches
  • Tub Length: 38 inches
  • Tub Height: 40 inches 

Entry Door Dimensions:

  • Top Door Width: 29 inches
  • Bottom Door Width: 23.5 inches

Interior Dimensions:

  • Seat Width: 21.5 inches
  • Seat Length: 18.5 inches
  • Floor Width: 21 inches
  • Floor Length: 10.5 inches


Elite 3252 Low Threshold Transfer

Elite 3252 Low Threshold Transfer Walk-in Bathtub with entry door open

The Elite 3252 offers an extra wide design combined with a low 3.5 inch threshold door entry.  A standard walk-in bathtub includes an entry height of approx. 6 inches off the ground.  The low threshold models offer a lower to the ground option with just 3.5 inches of height.

The low threshold transfer tub also offers considerable extra width at 32 inches and an internal seat width of 24 inches.  Full dimensions include: 

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Tub Width: 32 inches
  • Tub Length: 52 inches
  • Tub Height: 41 inches

Entry Door Dimensions:

  • Top Door Width:
  • Bottom Door Width: 18 inches 

Interior Dimensions:

  • Seat Width: 24 inches
  • Seat Length:25.25 inches
  • Floor Width: 22 inches
  • Floor Length: 15 inches

For more information, you can also visit our full line of Mobility Bathworks walk-in bathtubs.