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Can you put a walk-in tub inside a mobile home?

Walk-in Bathtub Outward Entry Door

The short answer is yes, you can put a walk-in bathtub inside a mobile home.  Many seniors that choose to live in a mobile home community have decided to put a walk-in tub inside their mobile home because of the safety and comfort benefits associated with a walk-in tub.

Before you make the decision to purchase a walk-in bathtub for your mobile home, there are a few considerations that you need to be aware of first.

Community Rules and Regulations

The number one thing you need to do before considering a walk-in bathtub is to make sure you read any rules and regulations related to your manufactured or mobile home community. 

Every community is likely to have slightly different rules and regulations that might impact your ability to purchase and install a new walk-in bathtub.

With that said, the bathroom is inside your mobile home.  In many cases, homeowners have the ability to make independent design and remodel decisions inside their own property even if the property is part of a larger community.

Size considerations

The primary consideration for most people considering a walk-in bathtub for their mobile home is primarily going to be size limitations inside your mobile home. 

The last thing you want to do is purchase a walk-in bathtub that is too big for the space inside your mobile home bathroom.

The good news is that many mobile homes offer more than adequate space for a walk-in bathtub. 

We also offer multiple size ranges that are designed to fit within smaller spaces.  We have multiple sizes that would be able to accommodate a mobile home.

Typical Bathroom Dimensions of a Mobile Home

The following general mobile home sizes are based on data from MH Village

Mobile Home General Size Ranges:

  • Single wide: 12 to 18 feet width, 40 to 80 feet length, 480 to 1,440 square feet.
  • Double wide: 20 to 36 feet width, 32 to 80 feet length, 640 to 2,560 square feet.
  • Triple wide: 20 to 54 feet width, 32 to 80 feet length, 960 to 3,600 square feet.

Mobile Home Bathroom Tub General Size Ranges:

The bathtubs included within MH Village floorplans all included a length of 60 inches which is the dimensions of a standard size bathtub.  The widths for the bathtubs ranged from 26 inches to 30 inches.

Mobile homes with a single wide floorplan were more likely to have bathtubs with widths closer to the 26 inches to 30 inch range. 

Mobile homes in the double wide and triple wide categories typically had more bathroom space and were more likely to have standard bathtubs in the 30 inch width and larger sizes. 

Evaluating your Mobile Home Bathroom Space 

Before choosing a walk-in tub for your manufactured home bathroom, it is very important that you measure the existing space inside your bathroom. 

Step 1 – Measure your Existing Bathtub

Start by measuring the length and width of your existing bathtub in inches.  You can also measure the height in inches, but this is not as important because your new walk-in tub will be larger in height than your existing bathtub.

However, you should estimate the total height in your bathroom from floor to ceiling.  You want to make sure that the new walk-in bathtub has a height that will work with your existing bathroom height.

Step 2 – Relative Space in your Bathroom

How much open space do you have next to your existing bathtub?  If you have a bit of extra space in width between your bathtub and the sink or toilet, you might be open to extending the width of the new walk-in bathtub to make your bathing more comfortable.

For example, assume your existing bathtub has a width of 28 inches.  Do you still have extra space to extend a walk-in bathtub to a width of 30 inches?  The answer is entirely up to your preferences and whether you have the available space.

The easiest solution is to purchase a walk-in bathtub that matches the existing space in the footprint of your existing bathtub. 

  • So if you have an existing bathtub with 28 inches of width, purchase a walk-in bathtub with no more than 28 inches of width.
  • Likewise, if you have an existing bathtub with 20 inches of width, you could purchase a walk-in bathtub with up to 30 inches of width. 

Adjusting Walk-in Bathtub Length to Meet Your Bathroom Dimensions

Many people focus on the walk-in bathtub width first.  This makes sense because many people have rectangular bathtubs and the most important space consideration for those tubs is measured in width.

However, length is also a very important measurement.  It is very important to make sure a new walk-in tub has an appropriate length so that if fully lines up with the walls of your existing bathtub space.

Walk-in Tubs with Extension Panel

The good news is that our walk-in bathtubs all include an extension panel that can be fully extended to 60 inches in length.

This means that if you purchase a walk-in bathtub with 50 inches of length, you can use the extension panel to extend the walk-in bathtub so that it is fully flush with your walls. 

The maximum extension of the panels is 60 inches.  So the panels will accommodate any wall length as long as it is 60 inches or less. 

Note: If your bathtub walls have a length greater than 60 inches, the extension panels will not be able to extend long enough to be fully flush against the walls.

Walk-in Bathtub Options

We have included a few ideas for walk-in tubs with dimensions that will be able to fit inside a mobile home bathroom.

Note: All walk-in bathtubs include an optional upgrade package that with a choice of air jets, water jets, or dual jets with an in-line heater.  The upgrade packages are available with the same dimensions of the base models.

Smallest Walk-in Tub Sizes

The first options we are highlighting represent the smallest available walk-in bathtub dimensions that we offer.  These options are worth considering if you live in a single wide mobile home or your bathroom has minimal available space.

Elite 2640

Elite 2640 Walk-in Bathtub

This walk-in bathtub is a great option for very small spaces.  This is our smallest available walk-in bathtub with a width of just 26 inches, a length of 40 inches, and a height of 38 inches 

This walk-in tub includes an outward swinging door and a seat with a 16 inch width.  The design includes an anti-slip floor, a 6.25 inch entry threshold height, and a built-in grab bar. 

There is also an extension panel that can extend the 40 inch length to be fully flush against your bathroom walls of up to 60 inches in length.


Elite 2645

 Elite 2645 Walk-in Bathtub

This option is another great option for very narrow spaces.  This walk-in tub features a narrow 26 inches of width, but offers extra space in length that extends a full 45 inches for extra 5 inches of space compared with the 2640 model.

The full dimensions are: 26 inches wide, 45 inches long, and 40 inches high.

The other main difference is that this model offers an inward opening entry door.  Choose white or biscuit (tan) colors and choose a left or right entry door. 

Slightly Larger Walk-in Tub Options

For those homeowners living in a double wide or larger mobile home, you may have some additional space for slightly larger sized walk-in bathtubs.  These models start at 28 inches of width and extend to 30 inches of width. 

Elite 2848

Elite 2848 low threshold 

This is a great option for bathrooms that can fit a walk-in tub with 28 inches of width.  The length extends to just 48 inches so that is a good option for people with spaces smaller than a standard 60 inch length bathtub.

The Elite 2848 also includes a low threshold height design.  This mean that the entry threshold is just 3.5 inches off the ground for an even easier entry and exit into the bathtub. 

Elite 2852

 Elite 2852 Acrylic Walk-in Bathtub

If you have a little bit of extra space length wise, but still prefer a narrow option, you might want to consider the 2852 model.  This gives you extra length that extends to 52 inches, but limits the width at just 28 inches.

The full dimensions are 28 inches wide, 52 inches long, and 38 inches high.

The other notable benefits include a clear glass entry door and high gloss acrylic finish.  The model also includes a convenient cup holder so you can enjoy a drink while bathing.