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Espresso vs White Bathroom Vanity

Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom can be a real challenge. Matching the proper color with your style can feel like quite the task.

Espresso vs white vanity is an age-old debate on which one is the best choice for your home! Here we will discuss the differences in the vanities that can make or break your home’s designs!

Which is better white or dark cabinets?

There are pros and cons to both colors. While dark cabinets show less dirt, white ones can make a room look brighter and cleaner!

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Are espresso cabinets timeless?

Espresso Bathroom Vanity

Espresso cabinets can make a room look classier. In areas where your home has a lot of traction or holds a lot of dirt, you can put in espresso-colored vanities and cabinets to help reduce the look of dirt.

Because they do not show dirt, they age well. This makes these timeless, not to mention they go with almost any decor!

Are white vanities hard to keep clean?

White Bathroom Vanity

White vanities can get relatively dirty. This can make them get dirtier than most. Another issue is they can show far more stains than darker cabinets.

Do white vanities get dirty?

White cabinets get very dirty. This is because dirt shows up on them more accessible. Another factor would be the type of paint used. Flat paint will be much harder to clean than a glossier kind.

Are white cabinets going out of style?

White cabinets are a timeless piece for all homes! Unlike more unique colors like blue, white can go with any decor.

White also does not really go out of style either.

Why are white cabinets more expensive?

White cabinets are typically more expensive than plain ones because they are already painted. Getting an opaque coat onto your cabinets can also be far more challenging.

Do white cabinets yellow over time?

White cabinets can yellow over time when it is exposed to certain issues.

  • Smoke
  • Chemicals
  • Dirt

These factors can cause your cabinets to yellow over time. This staining can be really difficult to fix and will often need a new coat of paint!

Do white cabinets scratch easily?

All cabinets and vanities are at risk of scratching. There are ways to prevent this, like adding protective coatings to your wood.

White will actually show fewer scratches than your darker colors because of the color of the wood. 

Are dark brown kitchen cabinets out of style?

A lot of people like to match their bathroom vanities with kitchen cabinets. This means you should make sure that your cabinets and vanities are timeless pieces to prevent expensive remodeling.

Luckily, espresso cabinets will be in style for years to come!

Will espresso cabinets go out of style?

Espresso cabinets are a timeless piece for all homes! They can be matched easily with all matters of decoration and accents. There is nothing sleeker than dark brown cabinets in the bathroom!

Ella Bathroom Vanities include a full line of dark brown espresso vanities in both quartz and cultured marble.

Are espresso cabinets black or brown?

Espresso is a dark shade of brown. However, many can mistake this for a black color due to how dark they are.

Having a darker cabinet can make your entire space seem much smaller than they really are.

How do you update espresso cabinets?

Updating espresso cabinets can be as easy as adding new hardware. Adding a lighter marble counter top can help add further dimension to your bathroom as well!

Golden hardware can look classic and yet at the same time modern. Adding further decor to your bathroom with pops of color will also modernize your bathroom as well!

The truth of this is that you should keep your home the way you feel like and not worry about what will age well!

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