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Is Marble Ok for a Bathroom Vanity?

Marble is a stunning stone that has been admired for centuries, always associated with elegance and luxury. Many homeowners and design enthusiasts eagerly incorporate this translucent, metamorphic rock into their bathroom design, particularly as a bathroom vanity countertop.

Selecting a marble countertop for a bathroom vanity can offer more than just an element of style, though; it may also be a wise investment into both the appearance and functionality of your bathroom that can last for many years.

While many homeowners appreciate the natural beauty of a marble countertop, a big question that comes up is whether the required maintenance necessary for marble countertops is worth it?

With many bathroom vanity brands to choose from, it can be very overwhelming to decide which options fit best with your bathroom.  This article will explain some of the main considerations of marble bathroom vanities and provide a few options to consider.

Marble Countertop Characteristics

White bathroom vanity with cultured marble countertop 

The above marble countertop is part of the Nevado collection by Ella.  This bathroom vanity is available in 25 inch, 31 inch, and 37 inch sizes and the base vanity cabinet is available in white, navy blue, grey, and espresso.

Marble is one of the most durable stone options available and comes in an infinite number of colors and varieties. Each marble slab features a unique vein pattern that gives it an extra element of interest and elegance.

Sleek, white marble with intricate vein patterns remains one of the purest forms of marble and, perhaps, the most popular. Marble is also one of the most malleable stones, which is why ancient Romans often used marble to create their famous sculptures.

Its pliability also makes it easy to personalize by incorporating unique patterns on the counter’s edges. Marble counter edges may be straight (completely flat), concave (subtle curve on top), bullnose (slightly rounded top and bottom), beveled (angled rather than curved), ogee (a subtle “S” shape), or any number of combinations of these options.

The type of edging on a marble countertop should be determined by the rest of the bathroom’s décor and design and can provide the perfect finishing touch.

Advantages of Marble

Marble countertops offer a number of important benefits such as beauty and durability. 


Though not as durable as granite, one of the reasons marble has remained popular for thousands of years is because of its long-term durability when it is properly maintained with sealant.

While pliable, it can still withstand daily use and is heat-resistant, making it a favored option for both kitchens and bathrooms. Sealant should be applied every year.


We have already discussed how marble’s elegant aesthetic is one of its most endearing qualities, but it bears repeating. Its intricate vein patterns and translucent surface provide endless options for class and luxury.

The fact that marble’s edges can be individualized only furthers its design versatility.

Disadvantages of Marble

Although marble based countertops have a deservedly positive reputation, it is important to be aware of the limitations of marble based countertops before you make a purchasing decision.

Requires Maintenance

The purer the marble, the less porous the stone will be. Most marble utilized on a bathroom vanity counter will have considerable pores that make the stone prone to stains.

It is important to protect the marble yearly with quality sealant that will protect the stone from both stains and water damage.  As long as you maintain an annual maintenance routine, this is a quick and easy task to care of each year.

With an annual sealant, it is very easy for your marble countertop to maintain its appearance.


Many factors affect the overall cost of marble such as rarity, vein pattern, color, and grade. The rarer the stone, such as Italian marble, the more expensive.

Subtler vein patterns are also typically associated with rarer, more expensive grades of marble, as are subdued colors. Brighter colors and obvious vein patterns are sometimes associated with lower-grade marble.

Marble is typically classified into four grades.  The higher the grade level, the more expensive the marble stone will cost.

  • Grade A is the highest level indicating the marble contains minimal flaws and fissures.
  • Grade B indicates there are some visible fissures and/or dents in the stone.
  • Grade C indicates that some repairs needed to be made in a factory.
  • Grade D is the lowest grade indicating noticeable veins and considerable damage in the marble.

Marble countertop cost is measured in dollars per square foot.  The typical range for marble countertop cost is $40 to $100 per square foot.  The higher the grade, the higher the marble cost.  

Popular Styles and Color Combinations

Some color and pattern combinations are considered more aesthetically pleasing than others, but style is ultimately determined by personal preference.

Rose gold accents are a chic and trendy design for many areas of the home, including the bathroom.

Sleek white marble pairs well with rose gold accents as well as deep blue shades on the walls or vanity base.

Cream-colored marble tends to pair well with black or espresso furniture and more muted color trends.

Several different finishes are also available for marble countertops. Polished slabs may be the most common for counters, but some may prefer a honed finish, giving the matte look.

Leathered finish gives a more uneven, worn appearance and feel. A caressed finish can also be applied to leathered marble finishes that give some sheen to the worn and leathery appearance.

Popular Marble Bathroom Vanities

Ella bathroom vanities include multiple vanity options with cultured marble countertops.  These options are very popular because of the wide range of countertop color choices as well as base cabinet color options.

Ella provides the following cultured marble countertop options:

  • Carrera cultured marble with backsplash
  • Pure white cultured marble with backsplash
  • Pure white cultured marble without backsplash

Base vanity cabinet color options include:

  • Espresso
  • Grey
  • White
  • Navy Blue

Another popular feature is that all Ella bathroom vanities are assembled prior to delivery.  This means that your bathroom vanity cabinet comes to your door fully assembled.  All you need to do as attach the handles and decide where to put your new vanity.


Vail Cultured Marble Bathroom Vanity

Vail Bathroom Vanity by Ella

Ella's Vail collection features a variety of options for both the base of the vanity and the marble countertop.  The Vail vanity is offered in a 37 inch size, a perfect size for standard bathroom spaces.

The cultured marble countertop is available in pure white with or without backsplash.  The base cabinet is offered in espresso, grey, white, or navy blue colors.

The traditional style gives it versatility to fit in with any decor and the three-drawer, two door design feature allows for functional storage space. The marble countertop features minimal pores and is sealed to help prevent stains, bacteria, mold, and mildew buildup.

In addition to optimal function and flawless design, this vanity offers the convenience of arriving fully assembled and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Taos Bathroom Vanity

 Taos Bathroom Vanity in espresso with cultured marble countertop

Another popular option is the Taos bathroom vanity.  The Taos collection is available in either 25 inch or 31 inch sizes.  This size range is ideal for bathrooms with smaller available space.

This vanity base also comes in navy blue, crisp white, a cool grey, or a warm espresso shade.  The cultured marble countertop is available with or without backsplash.

This model has more of a modern traditional design that can blend with any décor. An open-air shelf on the bottom provides storage space while double doors open into a spacious, concealed storage area.

The Taos arrives at your door fully installed. Regardless of what color is selected for the marble top, it is protected with stain-resistant sealant in a sleek, glossy finish. It is also protected to help prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew from the vanity and sink basin.

Like the Vail, this model also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.