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Knobs or Pulls on a Bathroom Vanity?

Adding the right bathroom vanity can really improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Knobs and pulls represent an important design feature of the bathroom vanity. 

The key question is whether knobs or pulls will look better in your bathroom. This article walks you through the important steps in your buying decision.

Choosing the Right Design

When we remodel our bathrooms and upgrade our vanity, often, we begin to really wonder which hardware we should go with. Choosing hardware is a task that seems like it really is a no-brainer, but with all the choices out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed!

An age-old question, should I use knobs or pulls on the bathroom vanity.

Here we will discuss the options and which is better! The truth of it all is that it is mostly just about preference; however, there are pros and cons to both options.

Are knobs or pulls better for bathroom cabinets?

Ella Bathroom Vanity with knobs and pulls

This Vail bathroom vanity offers both knobs and pulls.  The lower drawers and cabinets are designed with knobs.  A single top drawer includes a single pull design. The Vail vanity is available in both quartz and cultured marble countertops.

Compare different color and countertop options for our full collection of bathroom vanities with both pulls and knobs.

When considering whether knobs or pulls is better, you should really look at your design. Knobs can look fantastic in the right space but are more challenging to grip.

A benefit of knobs is they are very easy to clean due to their simple, circular design.  Pulls are also easy to clean, but require an extra step to make sure you reach the underside of the pull.

Designing using knobs can give you a more classic look, while pulls look a little more modern. The reality of knobs and pulls in your bathroom is really just a matter of personal opinion and taste.

Can you mix knobs and pulls on bathroom cabinets?

Mixing knobs and pulls on bathroom cabinets can help you provide an attractive aesthetic to your home. Being able to mix and match can help add interest to your bathroom.

Mixing and matching knobs inside your bathroom has become a popular way to add dimension to your home! By doing so, you are able to use multiple looks!

Are pulls better than knobs?

Bathroom Vanity with Pulls

This vanity is designed with three pulls. The three simple pulls highlight a clean and minimalist look. The vanity is available in espresso, white, grey, and navy blue colors.

While knobs and pulls may seem different, they both functionally accomplish the same task. Knobs are smaller and circular while pulls are longer and narrow.

Knobs require you to grip a smaller circular space.  Pulls allow you more space to grab.  

While knobs are easier to clean, pulls are less likely to catch on clothes. But really, there are pros and cons to both, and the real choice is what looks better in your space.

Which is more modern knobs or pulls?

Bathroom Vanity with Pulls

Here is another example of a bathroom vanity with pulls. The vanity offers two drawers with two pulls. There is ample open space at the bottom to hold additional accessories.

The vanity is available in two sizes (25 inch & 31 inch), four colors (espresso, white, navy blue, and grey) and two countertop options (quartz or cultured marble).

Visit our full collection of 31 inch vanities and 25 inch vanities to compare the different available options.

The consensus on the more modern look is pulls. But, there are some knobs that, while they look classic, have a modern feel. By using silver knobs or matte black, you can really tie in a modern look with a classic feel into your bathroom.

By mixing and matching you can truly have a bathroom fit for a king or queen!

The real question is, what type of hardware that you love!