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Pool Enclosure Videos

The following videos provide a more in depth and closer first person perspective of the benefits of a retractable pool enclosure.

High Height Pool Enclosure Videos

The most popular high height pool enclosure model is the Laguna pool enclosure. The laguna offers a 7 foot 4 inch inside height and offers additional height on the sides of the enclosure. 

This design allows you to enjoy your pool enclosure and provides plenty of space to comfortably walk around inside your enclosure. 

The Laguna pool enclosure is easy to open and easy to close. This lets you fully secure your pool with ease. This next video shows one person opening the pool enclosure in the morning.

The video is an example of a Laguna pool enclosure with a side opening.  The notable features included on this pool enclosure include:

  • Side opening enclosure. This means all pool enclosure panels stack on top of each other when you open the enclosure.
  • The Extra Track option allows you to move the enclosure next to the pool so you can enjoy a fully open air pool when the weather is good.

Adding Entertaining Space under a Pool Enclosure

Many people opt to extend the length or the width of their pool enclosures beyond the dimensions of their pool.

This provides you with extra space for chairs and tables and general entertainment space underneath your enclosure.

If you plan to enjoy your enclosure during the cold winter months, relaxing in a chair next to your pool is best enjoyed when that chair is inside your heated pool enclosure.

The next video shows a pool enclosure designed with extra space for tables and chairs under the enclosure.

Pool Enclosure Color Options 

Pool Enclosures are available in the following colors:

  • Anthracite (charcoal)
  • Antique Brown
  • Silver
  • White

The following video gives you an example of a commercial pool enclosure in the white color with a center opening and extra space for tables and chairs. 

Popular Pool Enclosure Upgrades

Some of the most popular upgrade options available with all pool enclosures include:

  • AirGuard - adds rubber sealing around every pool enclosure panel to seal out air.  Similar to the rubber seals on your front door. The AirGuard is a critical feature to add if you want to enjoy your pool during the cold winter months.
  • Lift Gate - Adds a small rectangular opening to your pool enclosure, similar to a small garage door that allows you to move tables and chairs easily inside and outside the pool enclosure that wouldn't normally fit through the sliding door.
  • Solar Power Remote Motor - This is a premium upgrade that includes a solar powered motor that allows you to open and close your pool enclosure with the push of a button (see video below for an example).

You can read our Pool Enclosure Buying Guide for more information about pool enclosure options and features.

This next video gives you an example of what the AirGuard and Lift Gate look like on a pool enclosure. 

At around 30 seconds into the video there is a closeup shot of an open Lift Gate.  You can also see the AirGuard sealing around the edges of the pool enclosure panels in the video.

This next video shows an example of a solar powered remote motor that both opens and closes the enclosure.

Swim Spa Enclosure Videos

Swim spas are popular options because they offer the benefits of an outdoor pool at smaller dimensions, so they are easier to fit in smaller back yard spaces.

This next video is an example of a high height Oceanic swim spa enclosure. The Oceanic swim spa enclosure reaches heights of 7 feet 7 inches.

Low Height Swim Spa Enclosure Videos

This video highlights what it looks like to swim with a low height pool enclosure. The model in the video is the Azure low height enclosure.  This model is very similar to the Universe Swim Spa Enclosure.

The next video highlights a low height Florida pool enclosure with the following design:

  • Side opening enclosure.
  • Extra track to create a fully open air pool during nice weather. 

The low height pool enclosure models let you open the enclosure from either the sides or the center. This next video is an example of a low height pool enclosure with a center opening. 

Polycarbonate Panel Crash Testing Video

The polycarbonate pool enclosure panels are 200 times stronger than glass. This next video shows a crash test on the polycarbonate panels using 330 pounds of weight. 

For more information, browse our full selection of pool enclosures, swim spa enclosures, and hot tub enclosures.