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Steam Showers vs Regular Showers: What's the Difference?

When it comes to showering, most people think of a standard bathroom arrangement with either a cramped stall or a combination unit with a tub that almost seems spacious by comparison.

Yet there’s another option that blends the extravagance of a sauna with the convenience of an at-home rinse: the steam shower.

Maya Bath Catania Steam Shower

Steam showers rely on a steam generator to produce hot water vapor that disperses around your body for a soothing, immersive experience.

Although the expense may seem daunting, a steam shower isn’t just an upgrade with more space and advanced technology—it’s an investment in personal wellness, environmental sustainability, and adding a new source of tranquility to your home.

Design and Features

Regular shower designs are usually straightforward and minimalist. There aren’t too many opportunities to expand upon a basic design.

Unless costly custom work is involved, the components are standard staples of almost any bathroom: shower head, knobs, and a few built-in shelves for storage.

Steam Shower with TV


In a complete challenge to the traditional shower, steam shower types are highly customizable and can adapt to meet the various needs of a family, couple, or individual.

These versatile models contain a suite of luxurious settings that you can turn on and off at will. From multiple shower heads to colored fluorescent lighting, steam showers offer the ability to control your ambiance and overall experience.

Modern Conveniences

Regular showers are certainly convenient all on their own. It doesn’t take much time to bathe, and the average water heater has more than enough capacity for even the most over-the-top user.

But beyond minor updates in plumbing or the addition of a suction-cup shower speaker that falls off every day anyway, the average shower hasn’t evolved much beyond the way they looked 20 years ago.

Steam showers, however, invite you to think beyond the convenience of showering to consider how personal hygiene can be part of your self-care regimen as well.

For example, have you ever realized your phone is ringing right in the middle of what was supposed to be a relaxing shower?

With a steam shower, instead of scrambling into your bedroom and shivering through a call, the advanced control panels allow you to talk on the phone through integrated Bluetooth inside your steam shower

With the push of a button, the touchscreen in a steam shower can control a variety of features, including the radio or the lights in your bathroom.

Steam showers are part of smart living for a smarter generation.

Safety and Health

Steam showers have innumerable benefits for users in all states of health, including improved circulation and less joint pain.

Athletes will appreciate a faster recovery time from working out, while people in high-stress lifestyles can take advantage of a steam’s shower calming vapors to eliminate muscle tension.

Steam showers are safe for the general population and come equipped with grab bars, automatic temperature sensors, and emergency alarms. 

In addition to the benefits you experience, steam showers are also environmentally friendly. Unlike regular showers that guzzle several gallons of water per minute, steam showers use only four gallons per hour.

You can indulge as long as you like without worrying about whether you’re putting your own comfort before the planet. Regular showers just can’t offer that peace of mind. 

Platinum Superior Steam Shower

Maya Bath Superior Steam Shower

The Maya Bath Platinum Superior Steam Shower provides ultimate flexibility by combining a jetted tub with a world-class steam shower to deliver a professional spa experience without the hassle of leaving your home.

This state-of-the-art premium model incorporates tinted glass, stainless-steel hinges, and Bluetooth capabilities.

The jetted tub adds another opportunity for unapologetic self-care with its 16 acupressure massage jets, 18 whirlpool jets, and waterfall inlet. Users can set the mood with underwater LED lighting or add aromatherapy oils for a decadent, relaxing soak.

For a slightly higher price point than a steam shower alone, the Maya Platinum Superior Steam Shower offers the versatility of a whirlpool hot tub, steam room sauna, and a superior shower experience with all the amenities that a modern home deserves.

Steam Showers for Small Bathrooms

Maya Bath Lucca Steam Shower

The Maya Bath Platinum Lucca Steam Shower is an exceptional standard model that’s both stylish and affordable. The striking full-glass enclosure is available with white or black rear panels to match any home.

This model provides a full range of health benefits along with a television and control panel.

For users seeking maximum comfort, the Maya Platinum Lucca Steam Shower also features a rainfall shower, body jets, and seating.

Even with a compact design that can fit into most ordinary bathrooms, this sleek shower doesn’t compromise on quality and offers an outsized experience for an unbeatable price.