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Swim Spa Enclosure Ideas

 Oceanic High Swim Spa Enclosure wood color

A backyard swim spa can be the perfect addition to your house.  Swim spas come in smaller and more compact sizes than traditional pools.  This can make it much easier to find the right spot in your backyard for a swim spa.

While swim spas do offer all the benefits of a pool at a smaller size, they still require the same maintenance and upkeep required by a full size pool. This means maintaining the water quality, making sure people, animals, and general debris stay out of your swim spa.

Benefits of a Swim Spa Enclosure

Rather than spend extra time on maintenance, wouldn’t it be better to spend that time using your swim spa?

Pairing the right enclosure with your swim spa is a simple way to cut down on your maintenance and increase the enjoyment of your home swim spa.

A few of the key benefits of an enclosure include:

  • Polycarbonate enclosure panels create a greenhouse effect allowing you to swim all year long!
  • Enjoy your outdoor swim spa in the rain and during other bad weather.
  • Retractable panels let you enjoy an open air swim spa when the weather is good.
  • Polycarbonate panels trap warm air from the pool heater inside the enclosure.
  • Save on heating costs by trapping warm air inside the enclosure.
  • Safety and security benefits with a lockable enclosure entry door.
  • Reduce cleaning by keeping debris, dirt and leaves away from your swim spa. 

Swim Spa Dimensions

Swim spas are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  Typical dimensions will include the following ranges:

  • Small to Medium swim spas: range from 12 feet to 15 feet in length.
  • Medium to Large swim spas: range from 15 feet to 20 feet in length.

Swim spa width typically ranges from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. 

Swim spa heights can range from being completely flat with the ground level to 3 to 4 feet in height off the ground.

Swim Spa Enclosure Requirements

A swim spa enclosure requires the following foundation for a tight seal: 

  • Reinforced concrete with 3.5 inches of thickness.
  • Wood or composite decking. 

Polycarbonate Panel Color Options

Sunhouse from a distance with tinted polycarbonate panels for privacy

The polycarbonate enclosure panels are available in different colors. Color choices are primarily determined based on your desired level of privacy.

  • Transparent - Clear and see through panels, similar to glass.
  • Smoke - Bronze tinting for partial privacy.
  • Translucent - Embossed for the highest level of privacy.

What Size Enclosure for your Swim Spa?

Let’s assume you have a 7.5 foot by 15 foot swim spa.  The question is what sized swim spa enclosure should you purchase to fit your swim spa?

When deciding sizes, you want to consider the following factors:

  • Look for a swim spa enclosure that exceeds the dimensions of your swim spa by a few feet on both the length and width sides.
  • A swim spa enclosure is connected to ground by a track that circles around the outside perimeter of your swim spa.
  • You want to give yourself space between the swim spa wall and the enclosure wall so you have room to get in and out of the spa.
  • You may also want to include extra space for a table or chair if you would like extra space for a table or chair inside the enclosure. 

Swim Spa Enclosure Ideas

The next step is deciding what swim spa enclosure to choose with your backyard swim spa.  We highlighted a few swim spa enclosure ideas to consider for your swim spa. 

Oceanic High Enclosure

Oceanic High Swim Spa Enclosure side view 

If you want plenty of extra space for entertaining, you might want to consider the Oceanic High swim spa enclosure.  This enclosure offers extra height and space which allows for plenty of extra room for chairs, tables, and people. 

Keep in mind, the Oceanic enclosure has a flat roof design. This means that this enclosure design is best suited for areas of the country with limited snow. 

  • Wind resistant up to 110 miles per hour.
  • Snow load resistant up to 40 pounds per square foot. 

The Oceanic is available in two sizes:

  • Type I: 13 feet 1 inch wide by 20 feet 10 inches long by 7 feet 4 inches tall
  • Type II: 14 feet 8 inches wide by 20 feet 10 inches long by 7 feet 7 inches tall

Laguna Swim Spa Enclosure 

Laguna Swim Spa Enclosure from a distance

The Laguna swim spa enclosure offers a nice balance between space, height, and a strong, snow resistant structure.

With a slopped design and the capability to withstand up to 70 pounds per square foot of snow, the Laguna swim spa enclosure makes for an ideal enclosure in areas with heavier snowfall.

Keep in mind the tallest part of the Laguna swim spa is directly in the center.  As you get closer to the side walls, you have a gradual slopping of the roof which reduces the height, but increases the snow resistance.

  • Wind resistant up to 140 miles per hour
  • Snow resistant up to 70 pounds per square foot

Laguna Swim Spa Enclosure is available in two sizes: 

  • Type I: 13 feet 1 inch wide by 20 feet 10 inches long by 7 feet 7 inches tall.
  • Type II: 14 feet 8 inches wide by 20 feet 10 inches long by 7 feet 7 inches tall.

Grand Sunhouse Enclosure

Grand Sunhouse inside view

At over 8 feet tall and 26 feet long, the Grand Sunhouse lives up to its name!

The Grand Sunhouse enclosure is an extra-large swim spa enclosure.  You might want to consider the Grand Sunhouse if you have a 20 foot or longer swim spa. 

The Grand Sunhouse is also a great option for people that want extra height and extra space for entertaining. 

The reinforced design works great in any part of the country as the structure can withstand snow fall of up to 60 pounds per square foot and is wind resistant up to 110 miles per hour. 

The Grand Sunhouse is available in two sizes:

  • Grand: 16 feet 5 inches wide by 26 feet 3 inches long by 8 feet 10 inches tall.
  • Sunhouse: 14 feet 8 inches wide by 20 feet 2 inches long by 7 feet 6 inches tall. 

Universe Low Height Enclosure 

Opening the Universe Low Height Swim Spa Enclosure

The Universe low height enclosure offers all the benefits of a polycarbonate swim spa enclosure at a lower cost when compared with the larger height enclosure models.

The Universe low enclosure is easy to open and close and provides all the benefits of swimming all year long in a warm enclosure.  The Universe low height is easy to clean and keeps your swim spa safe and secure. 

The low height model also offers a strong reinforced structure:

  • Snow resistant up to 70 pounds per square foot.
  • Wind resistant up to 150 miles per hour. 

Universe Swim Spa dimensions are: 

  • Universe: 9 feet 8 inches wide by 17 feet long by 3 feet 6 inches tall.
For more ideas, browse our full selection of Swim Spa Enclosures.