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What Is a Good Size for a Greenhouse?

The size of a greenhouse may directly affect the size or success of a crop. More square footage typically equals more plant space, but greenhouses come in a variety of sizes and offer a variety of benefits.

Mini greenhouses are typically less than 10 square-feet, but most greenhouses are still considered small if they are less than 100 square-feet (about the area of an apartment bedroom).

Medium sized greenhouses are usually around 150 square-feet (about half the area of a parking space); large greenhouses are anything more than 150 square-feet.

Greenhouse Sizing

Small greenhouses may be a good option for residential areas since they usually fit nicely onto a lawn or patio. While there will be limited options as to what can fit inside a mini greenhouse, these provide a terrific way for hobby gardeners to cultivate their favorite blooms year-round.

Medium greenhouses may be a better option for gardeners who have more lawn space or a sunny garden area. Large greenhouses can be used by avid gardeners or professional farmers who need to produce and harvest large crops year-round.

Regional considerations

A region’s climate will also determine the type of greenhouse that is best suited for that area.

Northern regions may benefit from plastic or polycarbonate greenhouses that hold heat more efficiently than glass structures.

Southern, sunny regions may be better suited for glass greenhouses that transmit 100% of sunlight. Regardless of the climate, it is typically best for greenhouses to be positioned east to west so that the length of the structure faces the south.

Greenhouse Ideas

Early Bloomer Greenhouse

The Solexx Early Bloomer greenhouse is available in a small size of 8 feet by 8 feet and is a great option for new gardeners or people with limited space.  This greenhouse kit is designed as an affordable starter greenhouse.

The Solexx PVC greenhouse frame is designed with PVC and steel fittings.  The greenhouse walls are made with twin wall polyethylene. The translucent paneling offers very effective light diffusion.  

The greenhouse panels are available in 3.5mm or 5mm sizes.  If you live in a colder climate, the 5mm panels provide additional insulation during the winter.  If you live in a more temperate environment, the 3.5mm greenhouse panels will be sufficient for your needs.

Medium Greenhouse Ideas 

Mont Greenhouse


The Mont Greenhouse is a great option for dedicated gardeners that have some extra yard space available for a serious greenhouse. The medium sized Mont greenhouse is available in a 12 foot by 12 foot size. 

The size makes it a great option for residential lawns and the polycarbonate material evenly distributes sunlight and heat throughout the space while the roof vent provides easy ventilation. Smooth sliding doors allow for easy access while rain gutters ensure that rain and snow are drained properly.

Garden Oasis Greenhouse

Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse

Solexx has another great option for people looking for extra space and productivity in their greenhouses.  The Gardener's Oasis greenhouse is available in a medium size (8ft x 12ft) and includes double tiered bench frames that provide over 76 sq feet of growing space.

The Gardener's Oasis offers some serious structural heft as well. The 2 full length hanging rods can hold up to 200 pounds and the bench frames can hold 500 pounds.

Larger Greenhouse

Mont Greenhouse Mojave

Serious gardeners will appreciate the Mojave edition of the Mont Greenhouse.  This option is available in sizes that range from 8ft x 8ft all the way to 8ft x 24ft.

The Mojave edition features a solar powered ventilation system and a full package of accessories to help you maximize greenhouse growth. 

Notable accessories include a commercial folding bench system, tinted roof, ventilation panels, programmable watering system, greenhouse sink, and a mechanical pollinator system.

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