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What is a Home Steam Shower Like?

Maya Bath Sienna Steam Shower

Steam showers utilize a humidifying steam generator to create water vapor that envelops the user’s body. These soft clouds of vapor nourish the skin while lowering blood pressure, reducing muscular tension, and washing away the worries of the day.

These luxurious showers offer a blank slate to customize your home spa experience according to your personal preferences using a range of cutting-edge features.

From playing your favorite music to re-creating a tropical paradise with lights and the rainfall shower head, home steam showers are only limited by your imagination.

Standard and Premium Steam Showers

Steam showers can be divided into two overarching categories: standard and premium. Don’t let the names fool you, though. Both are capable of delivering powerful health benefits and a mesmeric experience worthy of any posh resort.

Standard models are designed to provide most of the same elements as their premium counterparts while keeping prices affordable. This might mean that you’re watching television on a smaller screen, but you’re still watching television in your steam shower.

Premium models are best for customers who truly don’t want to spare any expense to ensure the best lighting, entertainment systems, and performance.  Many premium steam showers combine the best features of a whirlpool hot tube, a steam room sauna, and a traditional shower. 

These premium showers are also large enough to hold two people.  See our collection of two person steam showers with a jetted bathtub.

For example, the Platinum Catania Steam Shower has 27 hydro-massage jets, which is 11 more than the Siena Steam Shower.

Regular Showers

Compared to ordinary showers, steam showers are a 360-degree sensory delight. Users can quickly adjust temperature, light, color, and sound. There’s no rush to leave, and thanks to the installed ventilation fan, steam showers don’t result in the waterlogged feeling that can set in after using a regular shower for too long. 

In fact, home steam showers are such an experience that they’re designed for extended use. Turn on the television and get ready for a foot massage. There’s no need to worry about water consumption since steam showers only use the tiniest fraction of water compared to regular showers.

Since steam showers utilize a full enclosure, the relaxing sensation of the massage jets is magnified due to the whole-body effect. A massaging shower head in a regular shower simply can’t compare because it’s limited to directing water in a single stream. 

Top Home Steam Showers

Two of the most popular styles of home steam showers are the Siena Steam Shower and the Platinum Catania Steam Shower. Choosing between these models depends on budget and personal priorities.

Luckily, both models can easily it into the corner of most bathrooms, making them more accessible to a broader audience. 

Siena Steam Shower

The Siena Steam Shower is cheaper but offers an impressive array of amenities, including stainless-steel fixtures and a high-quality speaker system.

However, this model features fewer massage and acupressure jets in addition to a smaller television.

Platinum Catania Steam Shower

The Platinum Catania Steam Shower blends high-end additions and practical elements like grab bars for a superior experience by multiple metrics. Sit back, grab a drink from the installed beverage cooler, and flip through the channels with your waterproof remote.

When you’re finished, use the convenient pedal drain and turn on the ozone sterilization system to keep your shower squeaky clean.

No matter which model you choose, you won’t be disappointed when you stand beneath the rainfall shower head with surround sound playing the latest tunes. You know that old joke about singing in the shower? With a steam shower, it’s not discouraged—it’s expected.