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What Size Vanity for a Small Bathroom?

Espresso Bathroom Vanity

When choosing to remodel or upgrade your bathroom, the vanity might not be the first thing to draw your attention. Tile and fixtures can certainly take a lot of thought, but don’t discount the bathroom vanity as an essential aspect of bringing together the bathroom décor with a complete look.

After all, it’s often the first eye-level thing you see upon entering and the part of your bathroom most likely to show through an open door.

Bathroom Vanity Size Measurements 

Bathroom vanity sizes are measured in inches.  When someone says they are looking for a 35 inch vanity, that means they are looking for a bathroom vanity with 35 inches of width.

Bathroom vanities are available in a very wide range of sizes.  The lowest sized vanities start at 18 inches of width and can extend all the way to 72 inches of width.

Because of how many size varieties are available, it is very important to measure your bathroom space first so you understand exactly how much space you have available for a new bathroom vanity.

To help guide you through the process of choosing a bathroom vanity for a small bathroom, we included some general size ranges that could fit within smaller bathroom sizes.

Very Small Bathrooms

If you have an extremely small bathroom, you might want to start your bathroom vanity search within a size range of 18 inches to 25 inches.  Keep in mind that a very small bathroom vanity will have limited countertop beyond a sink.

However, you can still many high quality bathroom vanities with marble and quartz countertops that can really make your bathroom standout.

  • Visit our collection of 25 inch wide bathroom vanities here.

Small Bathrooms

For those people with small bathroom, a typical bathroom vanity size might range from 26 inches all the way to 34 inches.  These bathroom vanities provide some incremental countertop space while still providing a very minimal sized space.

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Small to Medium Sized Bathrooms

The last category would be bathrooms that fall in the small to medium sized range.  A general size range for bathroom vanities in this category would be a range from 35 inches to 40 inches.

Bathrooms with this size can offer you a fair amount of countertop space while still maintaining a modest footprint.

  • See our full collection of 37 inch bathroom vanities here

Next, we’ll review a few other considerations to keep in mind while you search for the perfect vanity and then delve into three top picks for very small to middle-sized bathrooms.

Budget and Materials

Like any other home-improvement project, you need to decide on a budget for your new vanity. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

The most significant factor will be the materials.  Marble countertops offer amazing beauty and appeal.  However, marble countertops do require some additional maintenance.

Quartz countertops also represent another great option for your bathroom.  Quartz can be more cost effective and also require much less maintenance than marble. 

Contemplate whether you need any special features. For example, families with young children may want a stain-resistant countertop like quartz since many children’s toothpastes and toiletries include dyes. 

Storage Space

In a bathroom with smaller overall dimensions, storage can increase the functionality and convenience of your space. Imagine if you didn’t have an accessible place to store extra supplies like toilet paper or towels.

No one likes having to dash to the laundry room, soaking wet and dripping water on the floor, just to get a fresh towel. 

Many vanities designed for smaller spaces include under-the-counter storage options. Some have multiple drawers while others have a full-sized cabinet with a single open area.

There are also models that include a combination of both. Think about how you use your bathroom, and whether it has a shower and tub, before deciding on your storage needs.

Design Versatility

Freestanding vanities don’t need to be mounted to the wall, which is especially important for small bathrooms in rented apartments or condos where modifications may come at the cost of your security deposit.

This more open-ended design also allows you to temporarily relocate the vanity if you need to paint or tackle other remodeling projects that require access to the wall. 

Vanities with open backs allow easy access to plumbing regardless of how your pipes are configured. This can be a boon for bathrooms with unusual layouts. 

Best for Very Small Bathrooms


Tremblant with Quartz Countertop

Tremblant Quartz 25 inch

The 25 inch Tremblant Vanity is available with durable countertops made of either cultured marble or quartz.

Choose the darker espresso base to off-set a gleaming white marble counter, or mix things up with navy-blue cabinets and a Galaxy Grey quartz top.

For minimalists, there’s even an all-white top that does away with the attached backsplash.

This freestanding unit also features two drawers and an open storage area underneath. With a stain-resistant top and clear access to any pipes, there’s no need to worry about installing or maintaining this durable, modern-looking vanity.

The Best Vanity for Small Bathrooms

Nevado Quartz Vanity

37 inch Nevado Quartz bathroom vanity

The 31-inch Nevado Vanity is highly customizable and available with either quartz or cultured-marble countertops.

If you can’t decide between the white or black top, you can have the best of both worlds by choosing Calacatta Black quartz or Carrera White marble, which both feature accents of the opposing color.

Pair them with espresso or white bases for complementary contrast.

The freestanding Nevado bathroom vanity has a finished interior, a cabinet storage area, and a single full-width drawer.

Its open back makes hooking up to plumbing a hassle-free process. 

The Best Vanity for Small to Medium Sized Bathrooms

Vail Quartz

37 inch White Vail Bathroom Vanity

The 37-inch Vail Vanity comes with your choice of quartz or cultured-marble top.

For a dark look, consider pairing the espresso base with Galaxy Black quartz.

For a clean, crisp appearance, a white base with either white marble or quartz is a timeless style that can seamlessly match virtually any style of home décor.

If you want to try a modern look, pair the grey base with a white marble countertop.

The Vail Vanity includes a full-width upper drawer, two stacked drawers below, and a double-door cabinet beside them.

It also features a finished interior and an open back for easy access to plumbing.

For more bathroom vanity ideas, visit our entire bathroom vanity collection.