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Enclosure AirGuard


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The AirGuard is a supplemental sealing solution for pool enclosures.  An AirGuard functions in the same way that a rubber seal prevents air from coming through your front door.

If you plan on enjoying your pool enclosure in the winter, the AirGuard prevents cold air from getting inside your pool enclosure.

We highly recommend adding an AirGuard to your pool enclosure.



With the enclosure, can I use my Pool, Spa or patio all year round, especially in colder climates?

Yes, our enclosures are designed and built for year round use. The polycarbonate panels allow the sun’s rays in while providing good insulation properties.

The enclosures frame is equipped with a vinyl sweep that seals in the warm air and keeps drafts out. This creates a warm enclosed environment, minimizing heat loss.

Will the enclosure protect me from the harmful UV rays from the sun?

Yes, the polycarbonate panels protect your skin from harmful UV radiation.

Will the enclosure prevent children from getting in?

The enclosure is equipped with locking devices/pins for each door to safely close doors to guard against unwanted entry. However, a pool enclosure is not meant as are placement for a fence.

What are the sizes for the Standard Swim Spa models?

  • Laguna Type I: 13’1” Width, 20’10” Length, 7'7" Height
  • Laguna Type II: 14’8” Width, 20’10” Length, 7'7" Height
  • Oceanic High Type I: 13’1” Width, 20’10” Length, 7'4" Height
  • Oceanic High Type II: 14’8” Width, 20’10” Length, 7'7" Height
  • Universe Type I: 9’8” Width, 17’0” Length, 3'6" Height

How big of an enclosure can I have for my swimming pool or Outdoor Living Entertainment area?

The widths are generally to 45 feet, and all lengths can be accommodated. However, this would be based on wind and snow load requirements where installed.

What are the features and benefits of polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate panels are 3mm - 10mm thick (Approx 1/8” – 1/2” thick). They provide the perfect combination of strength, high impact resistance, good acoustical insulation, high clarity and light transmission.

The polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, flexible, lightweight, and weather resistant and protects against harmful UV radiation.

What types and color options do I have for the polycarbonate?

The COMPACT polycarbonate for, the pool, spa and patio enclosures are available in Clear (Transparent), Bronze Shaded Panels (Smoked) for Privacy or Embossed (Translucent) for Privacy.

Additionally, for the pool and patio enclosures, the Twin Wall Honeycomb polycarbonate is available in Clear, Smoked Brown, Green and Blue.

What color options do I have for the aluminum frame?

Silver, White, Beige, Antique Brown, Charcoal or Cobalt Blue (Wooden like finish is an increased price).

What kind of foundation is required to install the enclosure on?

A flat, level surface is required. Any of the following is acceptable:

  • Minimum 3.5" thick foundation of reinforced concrete.
  • Pavers set in concrete.
  • Wood / composite decking.

What is the enclosure made of?

Polycarbonate panels and aluminum extruded arches; for years of maintenance free enjoyment.

Can leaves and bugs get into the enclosure?

No, as long as you keep the enclosure closed. The enclosure’s frame is equipped with a vinyl sweep that prevents outside elements from entering.

What does the enclosure come with?

The enclosure comes with all parts and material needed for installation. The shipment consists of tracks, polycarbonate panels with aluminum extruded arches, doors, and all necessary hardware with an installation manual.

What warranty is available?

Manufacturer's limited warranty applies:

  • Polycarbonate panels: 15 years
  • Aluminum surface finish: 10 years
  • Packing elements, locks and other technical parts: 3 years
  • Installation, if performed by the manufacturer / authorized installer: 2 years

What holds the enclosure to the ground?

The enclosure is held to the track which in turn is anchored to the ground. This allows for easy operation and added security from heavy snow loads or during higher wind conditions.

Can I install the enclosure myself?

If you are a handy individual, you should be able to do so. The average dome enclosure requires two people, 4-8 hours to install. The floor rails are mounted to a flat surface, the panels are affixed to the rail, and the roof and doors are installed.

Typical Pool enclosures require 2-4 people and take one to two days to install.

Who can install my enclosure, I don't want to do it myself?

Pool & Spa Enclosures, LLC can install your enclosure anywhere in the USA. The enclosures are designed for an easy install, so any authorized installer in your area, or a local qualified contractor will be able to install the enclosure.

Do I need a building permit for this type of enclosure?

The building permit requirements are determined by your local city or municipality. If a permit is required, we can provide you with necessary documentation for you to obtain permit approval.

How do I clean the enclosure?

While very little maintenance is required, if you live in an area that produces a lot of dirt or dust, then occasional cleaning may be needed. The polycarbonate panels can easily be cleaned by hosing down with warm clean water or with a soft cloth made from 100% cotton, using a mild dish detergent solution and rinsing with warm water.

NEVER use a solvent based cleaner (ammonia, etc.). AVOID using sponges or brushes that can scratch the panel’s surface.

Will the enclosure affect my property taxes?

It shouldn’t as it is not considered a permanent structure, to be sure, please check with your local municipality.

Ordering & Shipping

All Pool & Spa enclosures are custom made products.  Please contact us directly with any questions about the product, delivery, installation, or current lead time estimates at (888) 704-3345 or by email at

  • Please note that all spa enclosures currently have a 2.5 to 3 month estimated lead time due to high demand and supply chain constraints. 
  • Shipping cost is an additional cost.  Please contact us to confirm your location so we can provide you with the lowest available shipping cost to your destination.
  • Please contact us directly to confirm current lead time estimates and any additional questions you might have about the product, delivery process, and installation.  
  • Given the customized nature of the product, we prefer to provide personalized answers to all your questions by phone or email.
  • Because each enclosure is custom made, returns are not available on the Pool & Spa Enclosures purchases. 
  • Enhanced Leisure provides dedicated customer support and service for all customers throughout the purchase process and during installation to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.   

Manufacturer's limited warranty applies:

  • Polycarbonate panels: 15 years
  • Aluminum surface finish: 10 years
  • Packing elements, locks and other technical parts: 3 years
  • Installation, if performed by the manufacturer / authorized installer: 2 years