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All Season Pool Enclosures

We offer a wide selection of pool enclosure kits designed to all you to swim in your outside pool all season long. The pool enclosures are designed with polycarbonate panels that create a greenhouse effect which traps heat from your pool heater inside the pool enclosure.

The trapped heat creates a swimming environment that retains heat even during the middle of the winter.  Choose from the following pool enclosure product lines:

  • Laguna - Enclosures with extra height and designed for use in mild to moderate climates.
  • Universe - Pool enclosures with medium height designed for cold climates.
  • Swim Spa - Enclosures with extra small height or extra large height.

Universe and Laguna pool enclosures are available in two sizes of polycarbonate:

  • 4mm Panels - Smaller and more compact with higher insulation value.
  • 10mm Panels - Twin wall design with slightly less insulation value than 4mm panels.

All pool enclosures are in order of size.  Type I is the smallest size and Type VI is the largest size. 



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