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Are Retractable Pool Enclosures Worth It

Retractable Pool Enclosure from a distance

If you own a pool, you may have considered adding a retractable pool enclosure at one point or another.

Of course, this isn't a small decision, and you may be wondering if adding a telescopic pool enclosure is worth the money and the cost.

In order to make this decision properly, it's important to fully understand the pros and cons of an outdoor pool enclosure.

Pros of Retractable Pool Enclosures

There are many benefits of adding a retractable pool enclosure to your yard.

Let's look at the top benefits of installing a structure for your pool.


Probably the biggest benefit of installing a retractable pool enclosure is the added safety they provide your pool area.

Having your pool closed off when not in use helps minimize the risk of your child or pet falling into the pool because it keeps them out of the area when there isn't supervision. Not to mention the possibility of someone going in your pool when you are not at home to supervise them.

We offer a selection of retractable pool enclosures for sale with lockable doors that help you rest easy knowing you can directly control who has access to your outdoor pool.

All Year Swimming

If you own a pool and don't live in an area that allows for swimming all year, you know how disappointing it can be to look outside and see your pool unused in the cold weather.

However, with a pool enclosure, you can extend your swimming season dramatically or even swim all year long!

This is made possible due to polycarbonate panels which can retain heat through the greenhouse effect, allowing you to keep warm in your pool area during cooler days. 

Pool enclosures also help you keep heat inside the enclosure overnight as well, which means you can wake up and get into your pool early in the morning before the heat of the day arrives.

With a retractable pool enclosure, it is easy to slide open the pool enclosure and enjoy the open air outdoor weather.


enclosure with snow on roof

Retractable pool enclosures offer varying degrees of protection against snow and wind. The Universe line of pool enclosures have a reinforced structural design specifically for colder climates with heavier snow and tougher winter conditions.

You can also see our article on pool enclosures for cold climates for more information about options for people in colder climates.

In comparison, the Laguna line of pool enclosures have larger height and slightly lower snow load and wind ratings. The laguna pool enclosures are a better fit with more moderate climates that have less snowfall during winter.

Less Pool Maintenance

inside view of an outdoor pool enclosure

Having a pool enclosure means that you'll spend less time and money maintaining your pool.

With a fully enclosed pool, you won't have to worry about fishing out extra leaves and other outdoor debris from your pool. 

This also helps maintain a steady chemical consistency inside your pool so you won't have to constantly add additional chemicals to re-balance your pool. 

Cons of Retractable Pool Enclosures

It is important to consider the downsides of an outdoor pool enclosure as well. By carefully evaluating the positives and negatives of a pool enclosure, you can better determine whether the investment makes sense for you or not.


Many people worry about the pool enclosure cost. A high quality pool enclosure can be expensive.  However you have to carefully weigh the value relative to its cost.

By investing in a pool enclosure, you are substantially increasing the overall safety of your outdoor pool. You can't put a price tag on preventing a serious injury to a small child or even to a favorite family pet that wanders into your pool when there isn't adequate supervision.

Another way to measure the cost of a pool enclosure is to estimate the value of being able to swim in your pool additional days throughout the year.  How much is it worth to you to be able to swim outside in your pool all year long? 


Purchasing a pool enclosure does require some time and effort to complete the installation.

A typical pool enclosure install requires two to four people and 1 to 2 days to complete the installation. The pool enclosure is mounted to tracking that goes around the area of your pool.

The enclosure tracking is secured to a flat surface. A flat level surface is required, but that surface can be made of concrete or it can be wood or composite decking material.

The actual installation is not difficult and many people utilize a local contractor to help complete the installation.

Local Permitting Requirements

Many people also wonder about the need for a permit when purchasing an outdoor pool enclosure.  The need for a permit is determined by your local township.

We strongly recommend reviewing the requirements of your local township prior to considering the purchase of a pool enclosure.

The good news is that most townships provide this information online. In many cases the permit process is not overly difficult or complicated.

We can also help you through the process and provide you with materials that will help secure a permit for the pool enclosure.

If you have any questions about the permit process, you can always call us direct at our main store phone number, send us an email, or contact us through the online chat button.  

Types of Retractable Pool Enclosures

Now that you have a handle on the pros and cons of installing a retractable pool enclosure, it is important to understand what type of enclosure might work best for your outdoor pool.

Enclosure Dimensions

The first place to start is by measuring the length and width of your outdoor pool. Once you know the dimensions of your pool area, you can then look for enclosure models to match your space.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the pool enclosure dimensions should exceed the dimensions of your pool so you have some extra space for the enclosure tracking to be place on the edges of the pool footprint.

The other thing to consider is whether you want extra space inside the enclosure for tables and chairs or whether you prefer the enclosure to just cover the space over your pool.

Smaller Sized Pool Enclosures

Small Sized Pool Enclosure

For people with smaller sized pools, we recommend starting with the Swim Spa line of pool enclosures.

Swim Spa enclosure dimensions start at: 

  • Width: 13 feet 1 inch to 14 feet 8 inches
  • Length: 20 feet 10 inches
  • Height: 7 feet 4 inches to 7 feet 7 inches

We also offer a low height model with only 3 feet 6 inches of height.

Larger Sized Pool Enclosures

Inside a pool enclosure

If you have a pool with dimensions that exceed the Swim Spa dimensions, we recommend looking at the Laguna and Universe lines which offer a larger range of sizes.

Laguna Pool Enclosures

Laguna pool enclosures are designed with extra high heights and work best in milder climates.  

The Laguna sizes are ordered by Type. Type I is the smallest size and each type increases in size with the Type VI models being the largest.

Dimensions for the smallest Laguna Type I size start at:

  • Width: 17 feet 2 inches
  • Length: 35 feet
  • Height: 7 feet 6 inches

Universe Pool Enclosures

The Universe pool enclosures are considered medium height pool enclosures. The medium height pool enclosures feature increased durability and work great in areas with heavier snow and tougher winter conditions.

For example, the Universe Type I enclosure is rated to withstand up to 150 miles per hour of wind and snow load of up to 70 pounds per square foot.

The Universe pool enclosures are also ordered by size with Type I being the smallest and Type VI being the largest. 

Polycarbonate Panels

Both the Universe and Laguna enclosures offer a choice of polycarbonate panel sizes.  10mm panels are thicker and have a slightly lower cost.

  • Laguna Type I 10mm
  • Laguna Type I 4mm

The 4mm panels are more compact and offer slightly higher insulation value than the 10mm panels.

  • Universe Type I 10mm 
  • Universe Type I 4mm 

Final Thoughts

A retractable pool enclosure offers substantial benefits and value to homeowners with an outdoor pool.

If you have any questions about whether an enclosure might be the right option for you, please call our store phone number, send us an email, or ask a question through our chat option on the bottom right side of the page.