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What is the Average Cost of a Retractable Pool Enclosure?

Inside a retractable pool enclosure

Outdoor retractable swimming pool enclosures are significant investments. The key question is whether the value of a retractable pool enclosure justifies the cost.  

This article will highlight some pool enclosure options at different price points and go over a few of the important features and options available at each price point.

Why Consider a Retractable Pool Enclosure?

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than walking outside to your backyard and taking a relaxing swim in your pool.  There is no doubt about it, a nice outdoor pool can be an amazing source of fun and relaxation. 

However, there are a few negatives to having your own pool too.  Opening and closing your pool each year requires time and energy if you handle it yourself.  Or it requires extra money to hire a pool cleaning company to handle it for you.

There is also the issue of leaves and other outdoor debris falling into your pool.  Let’s not even mention the possibility of local wildlife stopping by at night and getting stuck in your pool. 

Value of a Pool Enclosure

outdoor pool enclosure from afar

Adding the right type of pool enclosure can solve some of those annoying extra cleaning and maintenance requirements that seem to add up all season long. 

The right type of pool enclosure can also extend your swimming season all year long so you don’t need to deal with the cost and hassle associated with opening and closing your pool each season.

The value of the right type of pool enclosure includes:

  • Extending your swimming season all year long.
  • The ability to use your pool even during bad weather.
  • Slide open the retractable roof and enjoy an open-air pool when the weather is good.
  • Close the retractable roof and keep swimming when the outside temperature gets too cold.
  • Reduce pool heating costs due to the greenhouse effect from the polycarbonate panels of the pool enclosure.
  • Significantly improve the safety and security of your pool by limiting the pool entrance point to a single, lockable door.
  • A lockable door and a secure pool enclosure prevents young children and pets from accidentally falling into your pool.
  • Dramatically reduces maintenance costs by keeping outside debris from getting inside your pool.
  • Minimal installation requirements.
  • Secure structure that can withstand wind and snow load requirements in areas of the country with tougher winter conditions.
  • Improvement in water quality and reduced costs for chemicals to maintain water quality. 

How Pool Size Impacts Pool Enclosure Pricing

The biggest driver of pool enclosure cost is the size of the area that needs to be enclosed. 

The smaller the pool, the lower the pool enclosure cost.  Likewise, the larger the pool size, the higher the cost of the enclosure.

How Polycarbonate Panel Options Impact Pricing

The larger pool enclosures are available with the following panel options: 

  • 4mm Polycarbonate Panels – Smaller and more compact option combined with stronger insulation values than the 10mm panels.
  • 10mm Polycarbonate Panels – Slightly thicker size than the 4mm panels, but also slightly less expensive than 4mm panels because of the lower insulation values. 

If you happen to live in a colder climate, the 4mm panels will be the best option for you because they offer higher insulation values which is more important when you have colder winters.

If you live in a milder climate with less intense winters, a 10mm polycarbonate panel will be more than sufficient and will also save you a little bit on the cost side. 

How Aluminum Framing Options Impact Pricing

Pool Enclosure Color Options

All the pool enclosures include 6 color options for the aluminum frames: 

  • Silver
  • White
  • Anthracite
  • Bronze
  • Cobalt
  • Wood Imitation

The wood imitation color really stands out when combined with a pool enclosure. 

Pool enclosure with wood color


However there is an additional cost required with creating the wood design which increases the overall pool enclosure cost.

How Pool Enclosure Height Impacts Pricing

We offer three primary pool enclosure models:

  • The Laguna: Taller sized pool enclosures and better for milder climates
  • The Universe: Medium sized pool enclosures that have higher wind and snow ratings for regions with colder climates.
  • Swim Spa: Enclosures with smaller sizes and more specialized designs. 

Pool enclosures with the same square footage, but with a taller height will be slightly more expensive than pool enclosures with a smaller height. 

We group our pool enclosures by Types to distinguish size ranges.  Type I pool enclosures are the smallest sizes and Type VI pool enclosures are the largest sizes. 

The Type I pool enclosures are the lowest priced pool enclosures.  The price will gradually increase as the model increases through the 6 size ranges we offer. 

The Swim Spa pool enclosures will be less expensive than either the Laguna or Universe models. This is primarily due to size differences. 

The Type I Swim Spa enclosures start at lower dimensions than the Type I Universe and Laguna enclosures.  As a result, the Type I Swim Spa enclosures will start at lower price points than the Type I Universe and Laguna models.

Price Ranges for Smaller Sized Retractable Pool Enclosures

low height pool enclosure

Our smaller sized pool enclosures include the Swim Spa line of pool enclosures.

Our smaller sized pool enclosures have the following dimensions: 

Tall Height Swim Spas

Low Height Swim Spas

The price range for the Swim Spa retractable pool enclosures start in the high $17,000 range and increase to the mid $34,000 range depending on your choice of size, style and features.

Price Ranges for Medium Sized Retractable Pool Enclosures

Medium sized pool enclosure

Our medium sized pool enclosures include the Laguna and Universe Type I to Type III sized pool enclosures.

The dimensions for our medium sized pool enclosures include: 

Laguna Pool Enclosures (10mm panels)

For 4mm panels, options see All Season retractable pool enclosures.

Universe Pool Enclosures (10mm panels)

For 4mm polycarbonate panel options, see additional inground pool enclosure options.

Pricing for medium sized pool enclosures starts in the low $34,000 range and increases to the mid $74,000 range depending on the sizes, features, and options you choose.

Price Ranges for Large Sized Retractable Pool Enclosures

large pool enclosures

Large sized pool enclosures include the Laguna and Universe models from Type IV to VI.

The dimensions for our larger sized pool enclosures include:

Laguna Pool Enclosures (10mm panels)

Universe Pool Enclosures (10mm panels)

Pricing for large sized pool enclosures starts in high $48,000 range and increases to the high $84,000 range depending on the sizes, features, and options you choose.

For more information about pool enclosure wind and snow ratings, see our article about pool enclosures for winter use.