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How to Clean a Pool Enclosure

Home Pool Enclosure

Owning a home with a pool enclosure adds a beautiful and functional element to your backyard. Pool enclosures are a great addition to protect your pool from debris and allow you to enjoy your pool for more months of the year.

As with any part of your home, proper cleaning and maintenance is important to prioritize. Below, we’ll explore the best practices to protect your investment in a pool enclosure through proper cleaning and maintenance. 

Pool Enclosure Cleaning

Proper cleaning is important to ensure the longevity and functionality of your pool enclosure. Not only is regular maintenance important for aesthetics, but it helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and other unwanted contaminants.

Keeping your pool enclosure clean makes for a safer pool and a better looking pool! You’ll love inviting friends and family over to enjoy pool time in your sparkling clean pool enclosure.

The good news is that our pool enclosure kits require very minimal cleaning and maintenance.  Pool enclosure cleaning includes two basic elements: 

  • Use a hose to periodically spray the polycarbonate pool enclosure panels with water to keep off dust and other outdoor debris.
  • Use a spray lubricant on any areas with movable metal parts.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips 

polycarbonate pool enclosure panels

Consider the following tips for best cleaning of your pool enclosure:

  • Periodically spray down the pool enclosure panels with water from your backyard hose. Aim for monthly cleanings with water sprayed from a backyard hose. You will be amazed at how effective a simple water spray from a hose is at removing dust, pollen and other outdoor elements.
  • Occasionally, tough stains may accumulate on your pool enclosure. Use a soft cloth or sponge with a gentle soap such as Palmolive to gently wipe the surface of the polycarbonate sheet and aluminum rods of your pool enclosure. It is important to use something soft to ensure you do not cause scratches. Make sure to use clean water to rinse off any soap residue after cleaning.
  • Soft power washing, or soft washing, is a great option to effectively clean your pool enclosure without spending much time. Many services offer pool enclosure washing, or you can rent a power washer from a local home improvement or hardware store.
  • If a liquid soap is needed, use a gentle, non-abrasive product. Using harsh chemicals or the wrong products may cause damage to your pool enclosure. Be mindful of using a cleaning product that reacts with aluminum. In addition, many of these cleaning agents can be harmful to humans, so wear proper safety protection (goggles and gloves) to protect your skin.
  • The polycarbonate panels need to be treated gently. Do not scrub or use abrasive products at any time. This means avoiding bristle brushes, washing powders, steel wool, or cleaning agents that contain benzene or petrol.
  • Sand can scratch the polycarbonate enclosure panels. So if you live in area near a beach or where sand can accumulate, make sure sand hasn’t accumulated in the cloths or cleaning materials you are using to clean the panels.
  • Periodically use a spray lubricant for any places with metal moving parts such as the entry door hinge, door lock, or the rollers on each segment. An occasional spray with lubricant such as WD 40 will keep these parts functioning at their optimal level. 

Preventative Maintenance of Pool Enclosures

Another important part of maintaining your pool enclosure includes regular inspections. To do this, simply walk around the pool enclosure periodically and give it a good look.

By doing this, you can identify potential problems and address them promptly, before they worsen. In the long run, this can help to save you money and to keep your pool enclosure in great condition, for many years. 

To keep your pool enclosure in great shape, do not climb on the enclosure. Not only can this damage your pool enclosure, but it also poses a safety risk. A swimming pool enclosure cannot sustain the weight of people or animals.

Many homeowners wonder how frequently to clean their pool enclosures. However, the frequency of cleanings will depend on a few factors. Factors include the location of your home, the climate in your region, and your usage of the pool. 

Over time, you’ll find the best frequency of pressure washing, spot cleaning, and general cleanings.

Caring for the Railing of Pool Enclosures

The railing of your pool enclosure is the part that makes up the bottom, or the base. Regularly cleaning the railing can help keep your pool enclosure in great condition. 

To do this, remove stones, fallen leaves, or any outdoor debris that may have accumulated. Many pool owners forget to clean this important part of their pool enclosures! 

Benefits of a Pool Enclosure

pool enclosure with wood panels

Are you considering adding a pool enclosure around your pool? Enclosing an outdoor pool offers many benefits to homeowners. Two of the biggest benefits include being able to use your pool all year long and reducing required maintenance.

Learn more about the benefits of a pool enclosure for winter.

Additional benefits include: 

  • Gives you more usage out of your pool, extending your season.
  • Less frequent cleanings of your pool are required with an enclosure.
  • Reduced temperature fluctuations of pool water throughout night.
  • Fewer water heating costs, environmentally-friendly.
  • High solar efficiency.
  • Skip opening and closing pool every season.
  • Protection from debris in your pool, saving you time cleaning.
  • Option to fully open the retractable enclosure.

In addition to these many benefits, pool enclosures also add a unique sense of style to your backyard. Available in many types and colors, homeowners have the freedom to create a pool enclosure they love. 

Pool enclosures can even help you enhance the safety of your pool for you and your family. For families with small children or pets, an enclosure may be helpful. 

We offer pool enclosures with a lockable entry door. This is a great way to secure your pool enclosure when you are not at home.

The polycarbonate based pool enclosures create a greenhouse effect that lets you enjoy your outdoor pool in cold weather.

To keep your pool enclosure looking its best, you do need to keep up with some basic cleaning.  However, this minor maintenance cleaning is a far cry from the high amount of maintenance you need to do for an outdoor pool without a pool enclosure.

For more information, see our full selection of pool enclosures.