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Benefits of Enclosing an Outdoor Swimming Pool

Inside an outdoor pool enclosure

A nice outdoor swimming pool adds so much extra fun and enjoyment for your whole family. The one main tradeoff is the additional maintenance required to keep your pool clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

What if you could reduce or eliminate your pool maintenance? Would you sleep better at night if you could substantially increase the safety of your outdoor swimming pool? 

Do you like the idea of using your outdoor pool all season long? Imagine taking a dip in your pool during winter and not worrying at all about the cold weather or rain?

If those benefits sound good to you, then enclosing your outdoor pool might be a good investment for your family.

This article will highlight some of the key pool enclosure benefits to help you decide if an enclosure makes sense.

Able to Fit a Wide Range of Pool Sizes

Laguna Pool Enclosure from a distance

We offer three pool enclosure product lines:

  • Laguna - Enclosures with larger heights and best for milder climates
  • Universe - Mid sized enclosures designed to withstand high wind and heavy snowfall.
  • Swim Spa - Specialized designs that include extra low height or extra tall sized pool enclosures.

Our Laguna and Universe pool enclosures feature 6 sizes. The smallest sizes start at Type I and gradually increase in size with Type VI being the largest size.

For example, the Universe enclosure widths start at 17 feet 2 inches and increase to 22 feet 2 inches in size.  The Universe lengths start at 35 feet and gradually increase to a length of 48 feet 8 inches.

Flexible Design

We offer retractable pool enclosure kits that are attached to a circular tracking system around the perimeter of your pool. This flexible tracking system allows you the option of enjoying an open air pool when the weather is good or enclosing the pool when weather is not very good.

This flexible design is just like driving in a convertible car. The convertible lets you enjoy the open air of the road while the weather is good.  When the weather is not as good, you just close the roof.

Since each enclosure can be shifted and adjusted as needed, you aren’t locking yourself into a permanent enclosure.

Getting more fresh air is as simple as using the sliding tracks to open a door or even moving the entire enclosure.

If you’d rather enjoy the sunshine and the outdoor air, simply slide the enclosure along the tracks to temporarily uncover the pool. You can close up when you’re done or adjust your plans around the weather.

A pool enclosure is an automatic backup plan for surprise storms or a sudden cold snap.

Year Round Use

Unfortunately, most pool owners are willing to accept that their pool isn’t a year-round amenity. An enclosure challenges that mindset and invites you to find new ways to use your pool during the off-season or unusual hours.

The polycarbonate panels create a greenhouse effect inside your pool.  This means when you heat your outdoor pool the heat stays inside your enclosure and creates a warm bubble allowing you to swim outdoors even when the temperature drops in winter.

When there are fewer outdoor activities available to friends and family as the weather grows colder, an enclosed pool can serve as wonderful gathering place to get some exercise, play a game, or just enjoy the water.

Even if you live in a warmer climate with mild winters, an enclosure protects against inclement weather and keeps insects from bothering you. 

Additional Privacy

Pool Enclosure with tinted panels for privacy

With an indoor space to swim, you no longer have to think about prying eyes or disturbing the neighbors. Our pool enclosures offer polycarbonate paneling color options that let you adjust the level of tinting on your pool enclosure.

Choose from the following color options:

  • Transparent - Fully clear and see through similar to glass.
  • Smoked / Blue - Partially tinted in blue or bronze colors for partial privacy.
  • Translucent - Embossed for the highest level of privacy.


Any responsible pool owner must be aware of the potential for accidents and injuries, especially when children or pets have access to an outdoor pool.

It only takes a moment for the worst to happen, and safety isn’t always at the forefront of your mind while setting up for a pool party or testing your water quality. 

A retractable pool enclosure can dramatically reduce those concerns by providing you with a way to secure access to the entire area.

Unlike fences, which can leave gaps or invite climbing, a locking enclosure is no different than a locked door in the house. 

If you want to limit access to your outdoor pool, just lock the entrance door and rest easier knowing that animals and small children will not be able to wander into the pool area underneath the enclosure.

Additional safety benefits include:

  • Polycarbonate enclosure panels reduce exposure to harmful UV light.
  • Maintain better water quality by preventing outdoor weather from tampering with the ph balance of your pool.


outdoor pool enclosure covered with snow

We offer pool enclosures from Pool & Spa Enclosures which are designed to withstand high winds and heavy snowfall.  

Universe Pool Enclosures are specifically designed for people who need a swimming pool enclosure for cold climates.

  • The Universe Type I is designed to withstand up to 150 miles per hour of wind and 70 pounds per square foot of snow.

Reduced Heating Costs

Installing a pool enclosure creates a win-win situation by reducing your heating expenses. The insulating polycarbonate panels retain solar heat inside the structure to reduce your reliance on external heating sources.

This will save you money on your heating bill, leaving you with more money to spend on enjoying your pool instead of just maintaining it.

Reduced Maintenance

An enclosure drastically reduces the amount of time you’ll need to spend maintaining your pool. Wouldn't it be nice not to have to close and re-open your pool every year?

With an outdoor enclosure, there is no need to close your pool each season. Just continue to enjoy your pool throughout the year and use your extra free time for enjoying the pool rather than closing it down.

Since you can use your enclosed pool at any time of year, you can also eliminate seasonal responsibilities like winterizing it. You won’t have to drag out a cover or worry about the mold or algae that can grow underneath while you’re waiting for warmer days.

Although the enclosure itself will require some periodic maintenance, it’s simple to clean the panels and rails with plain old soap and water. Always use a soft cloth without any abrasives to avoid scratching the panels.

Easy Installation

low height pool enclosure

Installing a pool enclosure typically requires 2 to 4 people and 1 to 2 days of installation time. The enclosure installation can be completed by local contractors or the homeowner if they are comfortable with doing the installation.

The pool enclosure requires a flat, level surface. The tracking is secured to the ground. Concrete, wood, or composite decking is required on the ground in order to firmly attach the enclosure to the ground.

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